Gleantap vs. GymSales

Businesses are facing a challenge – post-COVID-19, it’s been tough to retain customers and still be able to gain new ones. This applies to most companies, including gyms, spas, salons, agencies, etc.

And with the increasing need from consumers for brands to be more adaptive, relevant, and personal, it has become more challenging to be attractive to them. Luckily with technology like marketing automation platforms, companies can now use tech to automate campaigns, segment customers, and measure results.

In light of this, we decided to look at Gleantap and GymSales, both customer engagement tools. We did a deep dive into each platform’s features to determine which is best for businesses like gyms to use to manage clients and marketing efforts. But before we look at the comparisons, let’s understand customer engagement platforms more.

What is a customer engagement platform, and how can my business use it?

Customer engagement platforms, also known as marketing automation platforms, are designed to help improve the overall performance of your business. This is done via automation.

Essentially, your platform will be able to digitize and handle time-consuming marketing tasks automatically – giving your team time to focus on more personal things such as customer relationship building.

Your marketing automation tool should be able to:

  • Segment customers
  • Allow for customer conversations
  • Profile customers
  • Create email and SMS opt-in lists
  • Automatically send out campaigns
  • Build campaigns using templates
  • Measure your campaign performance

Now that you know what a customer engagement platform is, let’s look at Gleantap and GymSales to see how they are fair.

Analysis: Gleantap vs. GymSales



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Customer Lists & Profiling

Both platforms allow you to create customer opt-in lists and profile customers. Gleantap automatically creates single profiles for each and every customer. It also tracks every interaction, preference, interest, and message in one profile. Once you have this, you can segment customers according to demographic or behavior and market to each segment separately – personalizing your campaigns. GymSales also offers customer lists and custom prospect profiling, but sometimes they’re not easily organized. There’s also no mention of deep customer segmentation on GymSales.

Email Marketing

GymSales offers automated email, phone, and text messages. You can use these to confirm client appointments and promote offers. But email marketing on GymSales isn’t advanced. On the other hand, Gleantap helps you integrate email and text marketing – making the experience more wholesome for the customer. You can also track opens and conversions, making campaigns more measurable and authentic. Gleantap’s email AI also auto-sends emails when your clients are most likely to open them – a truly modern and adaptive tactic.


Like Gleantap, GymSales offers reporting within the platform. And the reporting is quite advanced. You can track new inquiries and their sources, measure performance against KPIs (key performance indicators), and assess the effectiveness of your campaign. Both GymSales and Gleantap use dashboards to help keep your team in the know at any given time. Gleantap also enables you to measure valuable metrics like ROI and lifetime value.


GymSales uses triggered and automated communications via text messages, emails, and phone calls. Gleantap focuses on three core areas regarding automation; behavior-driven automation, drip campaigns, and auto-responders. With Gleantap, you can build out ideal customer journeys and drive traffic how you want. It’s all about advanced cross-channel marketing automation on Gleantap.

Gleantap vs. GymSales: Which one is better?

As you can see, both platforms have great features. GymSales is targeted to just fitness centers, whereas Gleantap offers services to multiple industries. GymSales is a good solution if you’re looking for an automation platform for your sales process, whereas Gleantap gives you a well-rounded experience across the board. So, Gleantap is the way to go if you want a 360 approach.

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