For Small Businesses

Get an unfair advantage with Gleantap by growing your local business faster than others.


Drive more organic growth by turning more customers into fans by delivering an exceptional experience.

Our platform was designed to put the power of automation along with personal two-way conversations to deliver the best possible customer experience to your customer base. So your customers are more emotionally connected with your business and help your local business grow organically.


Put everything from Reviews, Referrals to Retention on auto-pilot.

We understand as a small business, you have a lot on your plate and rather focus on your core operations. That’s why Gleantap was built to automate a lot of the customer engagement so you continue to drive more value without any of the work.

Automatically ask for feedback to drive reviews, expand your customer base with referrals while retaining existing customers with thoughtful & personalized messaging throughout the journey.

Get a better visibility into your customer journey & identify customers falling off.

With our pipeline builder you can easily create a pipeline the way you envision an ideal customer journey to be and use that to identify bottlenecks or manually engage those customers to help them through.

You can have your sales or front-desk team use the pipeline to stay on top of customers that need engagement and connect with them via text, email or phone calls.

Build your business scorecards with Gleantap and stay on top of metrics that are important.

Running a small business can be challenging without measuring how you are doing. Gleantap lets you build your scorecards with any metric that is important to you.

Track, analyze and continuously optimize to keep small business growth in the right direction.

The Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Gleantap has everything you need to run automated businesses, multi-channel campaigns to better reach your customers and engage with them at a personal level while measuring everything. Curious about getting started with this? Sign up for a demo to see what’s possible.businesses