Gleantap vs. HighLevel

#1 Substitutes for HighLevel for Growing Businesses

Enhance your marketing strategy and elevate customer interactions effortlessly. Our cutting-edge platform empowers you to seamlessly connect, retain, and expand your customer base. Streamline operations, save time, and achieve remarkable outcomes with our advanced technology.

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Why choose Gleantap over HighLevel?

Opt for Gleantap for interactive two-way conversations, AI-powered chatbots, and extensive omnichannel support. Setting itself apart from HighLevel, Gleantap shines with advanced capabilities such as automated sales workflows and personalized client interactions.

Compare FeaturesHighLevelGleantap
Email Marketing & Automation
Two-way Conversations
Multi-media SMS
Pre-saved SMS Responses
AI Agent / Chatbot (SMS, Web & More)
Behavior-driven Segmentation
Segment Analysis
Custom Attributes
Flow Builder
Omnichannel Support✅Email & SMS Only✅ (Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, GMB)
Pipeline – Lead Tracking
Sales Automation
Email Reputation Report
AI Sending – Recipients Preferred Time
Reviews Management & NPS
Voice Calling (VOIP)
Forms & Pages
AI Content Assistant
Appointments & Tasks
Scorecards for Business Units
Multi-Location Permissioning & Support

Tap into the power of data to propel your business to success.

Gleantap provides a cohesive solution aimed at boosting customer engagement and optimizing sales operations effortlessly.

Compliance and Security
With robust multi-location permissioning and support, Gleantap ensures compliance with regulations and data security standards, protecting customer information and business integrity.

Enhanced Team Collaboration
Gleantap’s scorecards for business units, multi-location support, and task management capabilities foster better team collaboration and coordination, ensuring seamless operations across different locations and teams.

Optimized Marketing ROI
Features like segment analysis, AI sending based on recipient preferences, and reviews management help businesses optimize their marketing efforts, improving ROI and campaign effectiveness.

Effective Campaign Management
Utilizing omnichannel support and AI content assistance, Gleantap facilitates effective campaign execution across multiple platforms, maximizing reach and engagement.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
With personalized interactions enabled by behavior-driven segmentation and AI agents, Gleantap helps businesses deliver tailored experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Time Savings
Gleantap’s pre-saved SMS responses, AI chatbots, and automated workflows save time by handling routine customer interactions and tasks efficiently.

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