Gleantap + MARIANA TEK

Add more power to Mariana Tek with intelligent CRM & marketing automation.

Gleantap connects seamlessly with your Mariana Tek platform to let you leverage your customer data & AI to run more powerful lead & customer journey automations and drive more conversions, reviews, feedback, referrals & retention.


One amazing CRM platform to manage your entire sales & customer engagement in one place.

Visual Customer Journey Builder.

Advanced Segmentation for Precise Targeting.

Multi-Channel Engagement with Emails, Text, Phone, Direct Mail.

Pipeline, Leads & Task Management.

Survey, Forms & Landing Pages.

Reviews Monitoring & Response.

Never miss a sales opportunity.

Automate lead engagement and follow-ups across multiple channels – email, text, phone & never miss on any sales opportunity ever. Gleantap enables you to drive more conversions, increase sales productivity and have better visibility across your entire funnel.

Automate everything.

Design powerful customer journeys with automated SMS, email campaigns and tasks for your team. Use member behavior to drive personalized touch points and drive more engagement and conversions.

Get super precise with your targeting and better understand your customers.

Gleantap lets you easily break your customer lists with any rules using profile attributes or behavior. Stack multiple rules to get seriously granular with your targeting and use that to trigger campaigns or automations.

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