Two-way Conversations

Keep customers engaged with two-way conversations.

Gleantap enables you to “wow” your customers with personalized 1-on-1 messaging. Combine two-way conversation with automated outreach & turn more leads to customers & customers to fans.

Reach the right customer
in the right place, at the right time.


Gleantap’s inbox makes it easier than ever before to email back and forth with your customers.


SMS is a key channel for customer communication, and with our automated or manual texts, you can leverage it too.


Our text chat widget can be installed on any website, helping your customers & visitors proactively reach out to you.


The only business texting software you’ll ever need.

Enable your customers to easily text your business phone number and stay connected with them, either in the office or on the go through the Gleantap inbox.

Get your sales team or front-desk on Gleantap and keep them connected to your prospects & customers.

Supercharge your support with faster, more helpful responses

If you find your support desk gets easily overwhelmed, Gleantap’s inbox is just what you need. Perfect for handling large volumes of incoming texts and emails all in one place, it’s also easy to set up templates for common answers to FAQs, cutting down your response time and ensuring your customers feel heard.

Build connections with your customers across every channel.

The Gleantap inbox gives you a unified space to receive both emails and texts, helping you seamlessly transition the conversation across channels at a moment’s notice. 

And because your threads are in one location, you’ll always have easy access to the context you need to carry on the dialogue.

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities


Sick of missing out on the countless leads that come to your website every day without being captured?

Our chat-to-text widget starts the conversation for you, making it easy for prospects to reply and find out what they need to know. And when they realize there’s a real person on the other end, they’ll be even more likely to convert.

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