Gleantap vs. Hubspot

#1 Hubspot Alternatives for Fast-Growing Brands.

Upgrade your marketing and customer experience effortlessly. Our robust platform empowers you to effectively engage, retain, and expand your customer base. Streamline operations, save time, and achieve exceptional outcomes with Gleantap.

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Why choose Gleantap over Hubspot?

Transition to Gleantap for engaging two-way conversations, AI-driven chatbots, and extensive omnichannel assistance. Benefit from advanced features such as automated sales processes and segmentation based on customer behavior, which go beyond what Hubspot provides.

Compare FeaturesHubspotGleantap
Email Marketing & Automation
Two-way Conversations
AI Agent / Chatbot (SMS, Web & More)
Behavior-driven Segmentation
Segment Analysis
Custom Attributes
Flow Builder
Omnichannel Support✅Email Only✅ (Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, GMB)
Pipeline – Lead Tracking
Sales Automation
Email Reputation Report
AI Sending – Recipients Preferred Time
Reviews Management & NPS
Voice Calling (VOIP)
Forms & Pages
AI Content Assistant
Appointments & Tasks
Franchisor/Franchisee Support

Leverage the Power of Data to Boost Your Business.

Gleantap offers an integrated solution designed to elevate customer engagement and optimize sales processes with seamless efficiency.

AI-powered Conversations
Enhance customer interactions with AI-driven chatbots across SMS, web, and more, ensuring prompt and personalized responses.

Behavior-driven Segmentation
Segment your audience based on their behavior for targeted marketing campaigns, improving relevance and engagement.

Omnichannel Support
Reach customers seamlessly across Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Google My Business, ensuring consistent communication.

Sales Automation
Streamline sales processes with automated workflows and lead tracking, optimizing efficiency and conversion rates.

AI Content Assistant
Generate engaging marketing content using AI insights, enhancing campaign effectiveness and saving time.

Franchisee Support:
Provide tailored tools and support for franchise operations, ensuring brand consistency and growth across locations.

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