Text & Email Marketing

Powerful Text & Email Marketing made simple.

Gleantap’s powerful text & email automation software, feature suite makes it easy to stay close to your customers 24/7.


Don’t just track opens & clicks. Track conversions.

Gleantap makes it easy to go far beyond opens & clicks. Create conversion metrics for each campaign, to track performance and drive more revenue to your small business.

Double your open rates with intelligent sending.

Increase your open rates by using Gleantap’s email nurturing sequence, AI to auto-send emails when your customers are most likely to open them, instead of a random day & time.

In addition, Gleantap maintains email reputation scores and helps you monitor & improve your performance to double (or even triple) your open rates in just a few months.

Combine emails and texts for a uniquely powerful targeted engagement strategy.

By using both channels to engage your customers, you stand a much better chance of ensuring your content gets the time and attention it deserves.

Create powerful journey flows with multiple channels & touch points, or send blasts of emails and texts to drive positive action and convert more.

Advanced data analytics + multi-channel targeted engagement = supercharged growth for your business. It really is that simple.

Dive deep into your email marketing metrics with Gleantap’s email intelligence.

Build beautiful emails or keep it plain and simple.

With our drag & drop editor and a library of templates you can create stunning emails that look great on every device and email client.

You can also bring your own HTML templates and easily import those into Gleantap.

A/B test everything.

The secret to marketing success is straightforward: test, refine, repeat. And with Gleantap, A/B testing all of your campaigns is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Don’t just assume your new copy is working out — get the data you need to verify what’s really going on.


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