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Convert more leads with better pipeline visibility & speed to lead.

Gleantap’s Sales CRM & Pipeline platform helps you automate follow ups to your lead & improve speed to lead so you get 2x more bookings & conversions. You also get better visibility into each step of the journey.

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More Conversions

< 3 mins

Speed to Lead


Increase in Productivity

Finally, a sales pipeline that just works.

Ready to ramp up your sales with a more intelligent CRM tools that ties your sales with marketing data?

Create your own lead funnel.

Configure your sales pipeline your way and take leads through the most ideal flow for better conversions.

Get better visibility into the journey.

Easily identify problematic steps in the journey and focus your attention on leads that matter.

Automate or Converse with two-way.

Automate follow ups with leads or manually engage them via email, text or calls right within your pipeline.

Get leads from facebook & google ads

Bring all your leads into a single sales pipeline.

Connect your sales pipeline to your facebook ads, google ads, linked ads, website, & more. Get all the leads instantly populate into your small business CRM software for nonprofits so you can connect with them faster and drive better results.

Save time with intelligent automations.

Make your team management more productive and efficient by automating routine tasks creation, lead assignment, follow ups & more. Your sales team can be more focussed on selling.

crm automation

Easily manage tasks & appointments – prevent missed opportunities.

Keep your sales team accountable and on plan best with tasks. Unify appointments calendar across team to drive more bookings and prevent anything important from slipping through the cracks.

Calendars sync with your sales team’s personal calendars on Google & Outlook so no missed opportunities.

Always have context to stay on target.

Get clear visibility into historical touch-points, notes, attributes and events with every lead so you can pick up exactly where you left off every single time.

Unlimited Voice Calling using VOIP.

Gleantap’s VOIP calling allows your sales team to call directly from the browser or a connected phone system. Every inbound and outbound call gets logged making it easy to access and report on. Call recordings make it easy to continuously train and improve your team.

Report on everything from activity to sales team performance.

Gleantap’s reports track top-performing reps, lead conversion, loss rate, and a host of other insights, to instantly show you what you need to focus on.

Get clear visibility in what’s working and who’s working so you can make better data-driven decisions.

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