Gleantap vs. Brandbot

If you’re in the fitness industry, you’ll know that consumers want more and more from their fitness centers as the years go by. Gone are the days of gyms being a transactional experience. Now, it’s all about having tailored and personalized experiences at the gym. People want to feel appreciated and understood by the fitness studio they choose. And marketing and operational management software can help gym owners do this with ease.

But how do you know which marketing automation software to choose? There are many options, but the trick is to find customer engagement software most suited to your needs.

We’ve compared Gleantap and Brandbot as two possible customer engagement for your fitness business and compared them head-to-head.

Customer engagement software like Gleantap is more than a management tool – it is a customer engagement tool. When you marry customer engagement with marketing automation – you have something special.

Software such as Gleantap allows you to:

  • Have 1-on-1 conversations with clients
  • Automate email and text marketing campaigns
  • Track conversion funnels
  • Create customer profiles
  • Segment customers
  • Create campaigns using AI assistant
  • Measure success via analytics and insights

And that’s just the beginning – you can also run sales CRM, create tracked forms and pages, run website chats, and more.

With premium customer engagement software, you can run your fitness center’s sales and marketing efforts rapidly, efficiently, and appropriately.

Analysis: Gleantap vs. Brandbot


Source: Gleantap


Source: Brandbot

We looked at Gleantap and Brandbot to analyze their core features and differences as marketing automation software. We focused on four key areas that we felt were appropriate for most fitness centers. Here they are:

Conversational Features

Gleantap enables you to keep customers engaged via two-way conversations. This feature helps brands convert leads to customers and also helps build a strong relationship between the gym and members – thereby retaining customers in the long run. In comparison, Brandbot offers mobile messaging and group messaging via the platform. Overall, both Gleantap and Brandbot have good conversational features, although Gleantap’s features seem more robust, allowing you to communicate via email, SMS, and website with templates.

Email Marketing

Both Gleantap and Brandbot do a great job regarding email marketing. Both platforms offer auto-responders, drip campaigns, and customer surveys. You can also create and run landing pages or web forms via each customer engagement software. On the whole, both platforms do email marketing well.

SMS Marketing

Like Gleantap. Brandbot offers two-way messaging, contact management, bulk SMS, and message personalization. But Gleantap steals the show by combining email and texts for an effective and targeted customer engagement strategy. Gleantap also believes in A/B testing – an essential step to ensuring success.

Marketing Automation

For Brandbot, marketing automation forms the main component of the platform. Brandbot offers landing pages, web forms, lead scoring, analytics, and more. It also provides ROI tracking to customers, just like Gleantap. The latter allows you to automate everything you want, including conversions, reviews, etc. Gleantap focuses on the customer journey and triggering automation where they matter the most.

Gleantap vs. Brandbot: Which is better?

If you want fitness management software that is geared toward automating communication, Brandbot is a good choice. But Gleantap offers a more boisterous solution regarding conversion tracking, A/B testing, and actively engaging members at the right touchpoints. After all, it’s about the journey and building relationships with customers.

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