Forms & Pages

Building high converting forms & pages made simple.

Use Gleantap’s Custom form builder & page builder to create high-converting landing pages to generate more leads, collect data, survey customers or to opt customers in.

Gleantap helps dozens of businesses collect better data

Survey your customers.

Easily building surveys on the fly to collect more data & insights from your customers.

Generate more leads.

Host or embed the forms on your website to generate more leads or have people opt-in to your list.

Personalize at scale.

Use the data you collect from forms to personalize & power even more powerful campaigns.

Beautiful templates, ready to deploy sooner rather than later.

Gleantap’s extensive range of ready-made templates means you can create beautiful, eye-catching landing pages in a matter of minutes, not hours.

No coding, no headaches, no stress. Simple, beautiful results with just a few clicks and a drag-and-drop editor.


Designed with conversions in mind.

Landing Pages & Forms are only as good as the visitors they can convert, which is why we built all of our templates from the ground up to be optimized for conversions.

Just spin it up, include it in your website or link to it, and watch the leads pour in.

Leverage the data you collect to personalize even more.

Segment your customers based on the forms they filled and the responses they made. Use the data to personalize engagement for each and every customer.

Take your targeted engagement campaigns to the next level with a whole new set of data points to ensure every single customer feels seen and heard.


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