Gleantap vs. Constant Contact

#1 Alternative to Constant Contact for Rapidly Growing Brands.

Transform your marketing and customer experience with ease. Our powerful platform helps you engage, retain, and grow your customer base efficiently. Save time and achieve outstanding results with Gleantap.

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Why choose Gleantap over Constant Contact?

Switch to Gleantap for interactive two-way conversations, AI-powered chatbots, and comprehensive omnichannel support. Experience advanced capabilities such as sales automation and behavior-driven segmentation, features not offered by Constant Contact.

Compare FeaturesConstant ContactGleantap
Email Marketing & Automation
Two-way Conversations
AI Chatbot (SMS, Web & More)
Behavior-driven Segmentation
Custom Attributes
Flow Builder
Omnichannel Support✅Email & SMS only✅ (Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, GMB)
Pipeline – Lead Tracking
Sales Automation
Email Reputation Report
AI Sending – Recipients Preferred Time
Reviews Management & NPS
Voice Calling (VOIP)
Forms & Pages
AI Content Assistant
Appointments & Tasks

Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Solutions.

Gleantap goes beyond mere marketing; it’s a holistic solution crafted to elevate customer engagement and streamline sales processes seamlessly.

Enhanced Customer Insights
Gain deep understanding of customer behaviors and preferences through robust data analytics.

Improved Personalization
Deliver tailored experiences based on detailed customer profiles and segmentation.

Efficient Sales Automation
Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to optimize sales efficiency and productivity.

Omnichannel Integration
Seamlessly manage customer interactions across multiple channels for cohesive engagement.

Predictive Analytics
Anticipate customer needs and trends with predictive analytics, enhancing proactive decision-making.

Scalability and Growth
Scale operations effortlessly while maintaining personalized customer experiences, supporting business expansion.

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