Email Intelligence

Turn your emails into a powerful engagement tool.

We make emails work a whole lot better for you with our intelligent tools.

Send emails automatically when recipient is most engaged.

Instead of picking a random time to send the email, Gleantap allows you to leverage its AI to send emails when recipient is usually most active and more likely to open it.

Gleantap email sender reputation takes care of sending it at the right time to drive maximum engagement.

Conversions, conversions, conversions.

But we don’t stop at opens. Gleantap actually tracks conversions as well, so you can get immediate visibility into which campaigns produce valuable actions and which are missing the mark.

Stay on top of your email reputation with our reputation scores.

Gleantap tracks several different data points to help you understand how the email clients (such as gmail, yahoo) perceive your email.

It provides you valuable insights on how you can further improve your reputation and get more emails deliverability into the inbox vs the junk folder.

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