Customer Profiles

Understand your customers like never before.

Gleantap automatically creates individual profiles for each customer and tracks every message, interaction, and preference in one unified profile.

Understand your customers more deeply

By analyzing their behavior & engagement with your business and how it correlates to their profile.

Save admin time.

With a single profile for each customer that gets automatically updated.

Target smarter than ever.

By using a goldmine of information and behavior traits for your specific campaigns.

Create and maintain customer profiles with ease.

When you sign up with Gleantap, you automatically get access to a database that stays up-to-date with information as your customers interact with your business.

We take it one step further, giving you individual profiles for each customer. As time goes on, you’ll realize that these profiles are a goldmine of information, including data on:

  • Profile attributes
  • Visit & purchase history
  • Membership & contact info
  • Payment info & statuses
  • Communication records
  • Behavior patterns
  • …and a whole lot more

Design personalized campaigns that you know will drive engagement.

By taking a deep dive into the data stored in each customer profile, you’ll be able to laser-focus your engagement campaigns to speak to each individual at scale.

At Gleantap, we don’t do guesswork. We believe that the best decisions are driven by detailed data analysis, and customer profiles are a huge part of that.

Combine segmentation and customer profiles to engage and retain even more effectively.

On their own, the profiles are powerful — but when you combine them with Gleantap’s segmentation tools, the functionality gets taken to a whole new level.

Use the data collected on each customer to segment them into hyper-specific groups for targeted email and SMS campaigns. Every single customer will feel like you’re speaking directly to them.


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