Review Monitoring

More Reviews made easy.

Gleantap’s Review Monitoring System helps businesses drive more reviews to their Google & Facebook pages and better manage their reputation online.

Everything you need to Improve Online Reputation.

Ready to take control of your online reputation and drive more reviews and more customers.

Automate Review Collection.

Build out automated campaigns to collect reviews after every purchase or visit. Send out text or emails.

Manage Reviews effortlessly.

Easily see all reviews in a single dashboard and respond faster using AI assistant and pre-saved responses.

Understand Sentiments with Clear Reporting.

Clearly understand customer sentiments and NPS score by channel. Identify areas of improvement and keep growing.

Bring all your reviews in one place.

Connect your Google & Facebook pages across your locations to view all your reviews in one place and easily respond to them. Get notified whenever you have a negative review and stay on top.

Use AI to respond faster to reviews.

Get through thousands of reviews easily using AI as your assistant to respond to them appropriately. Fine tune and train your AI to get better responses.

Survey customers & collect more feedback.

Go beyond just getting a rating. Survey your customers with the right questions to understand their sentiments better. Easily identify areas of improvement and drive even stronger growth.

Get better visibility with Reporting.

Report on Net Promoter Score (NPS) by channel and understand detailed customer sentiments. Use that to find out what’s working and what’s not.

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