Supercharge your growth with exceptional insights into your business.

Gleantap’s business intelligence tools help you better understand your customers and your business, so you can make smarter data-driven decisions.


Grow your business based on data, not emotions.

Gleantap’s powerful insights help you stay on top of your business at all times. Our platform analyzes your data to find out who your most profitable customers are and what customers who churn faster have in common, as well as computing metrics like average churn rate, lifetime value, ROI & a whole lot more.

Business scorecards across multiple locations.

Struggling to stay on top of key metrics? Sick of not having visibility into which location is killing it and which needs a helping hand?

With Gleantap, you can build scorecard dashboards that easily track any metrics that are important to you across multiple locations, without having to worry about manually keeping them up-to-date.

All the tools you need to tie it all together.

Gleantap works as a single, comprehensive platform, giving you industry-leading insights into your business and customers as well as the features you need to turn that data into actionable improvements.

It’s a one-stop-shop for boosting engagement, retaining more customers, and growing your business fast. Segment based on your insights, run targeted, laser-focused campaigns, cut down on churn, and boost LTV for every single customer.


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