The Ultimate Customer Data & Engagement Platform for Fast Growing Consumer Brands.

Gleantap brings all your data into a single platform and lets you tap into it with AI & automations to drive powerful customer journeys. Businesses use Gleantap for customer retention, sales engagement, online reputation management, & to add on avg $158k per year in revenue per location.


Engaging 5 million+ customers for brands such as..

Drive more leads and convert them like a pro.

Never again let another lead or customer slip through the cracks.

Forms & Pages
Capture leads, collect more data or survey customers with our powerful forms & beautiful landing pages.

Increase reviews to your google & facebook pages and stay on top of your online reputation.

Engage with automated or two-way text & emails.

Setup automated journey touchpoints based on time or behavior.

Stay in touch with everyone with two-way conversations over text or email.

Text / Email
From newsletters to promotions, communicate with customers in their preferred channel.


Unlock hidden insights and grow even faster.

Segment customers based on any cohort or behavior and break it down by age, gender, lifespan, activity or more.

Intelligent insights covering customer behavior analysis, campaign insights, email reputation score & more.

Customer Profiles
Understand each customer better with all the data collected and how they respond to certain campaigns.

Run everything from Reviews, Referrals to Retention on auto-pilot.

Gleantap helps you automatically send the right message to the right customer at the right time, helping you drive positive action easier than ever.

Use powerful insights from your data to run better marketing & operations.

The secret to exponential growth is making solid, data-driven decisions. And with Gleantap’s next-level reporting tools, it’s simpler than ever to make the right call, every single time.

Create precise customer segments like never before.

Use Gleantap’s laser-focused segmentation tools to break your customers into groups based on behavior. Engage with each segment by deploying targeted email content, SMS campaigns, and two-way conversations.


Dozens of seamless integrations

The best software products play well with others. From data and metrics to marketing system and sales, we help you unify all your data to get a full overview of each and every customer.

+ more

With Gleantap, our clients see


Increase in Lifetime Value

$66k – 250k

Per location in new Bottomline Revenue


Drop in Customer Attrition


Increase in Upsells & Referrals

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