Engaging over 1.5 million members for brands like

" My experience has been excellent, and I plan on being a customer for a long time! The product is simple and intuitive while still providing all the capabilities found in much more expensive products on the market, and the ROI has exceeded my expectations. But above all, the 5-star customer service is what really sets them apart!"

Bevan Cox (Retro Fitness Franchise)

More Members. More Revenue.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze your member data in real-time and predict future behavior. This enables our marketing automation engine to strike while the iron's hot to:

Increase Visits & Fill Classes

Upsell Memberships

Get More Online Reviews

Promote Referrals

Reduce Cancellations

Win Back Former Members

By the Numbers

8 Million+

Messages Sent

25%+ LTV

Avg Increase in LTV

$250k Revenue

Annual Increase per location


Annual Reduction in Churn

Better Understand your Members

Gleantap seamlessly integrates with your club management system and gathers member data and past behavior in real time.  We combine this with periodic member polling to understand how each member feels, a major indicator of future behavior.  

Marketing Automation + Human Touch

The Gleantap platform coordinates automated campaigns with human outreach for the perfect one two punch.  Our automation engine is able to send the right message to the right member at just the right time.  

How we communicate is dependent upon the individual member – it might be through Text Messaging, Email or Facebook Messenger – whichever is most effective and available.   

And while automated messaging can be powerful, human touch can carry the day.  Our automation engine can include warm and friendly outreach by your employees who know just what to say. 

Not Just Support But Expert Guidance

Our software is great, but when combined with our knowledge and experience from working with hundreds of other clubs, it’s like having superpowers.  You’ll be assigned a marketing expert who will understand the needs of your individual club, set you up for success and work with you month after month.  They’ll guide you on best practices in engaging your members and keeping you compliant with text messaging and email spam regulations.