Top 6 Metrics To Measure The Success of Your SMS Marketing Campaign

This post dives into the metrics you should use to dive into understanding the results of your text marketing campaigns. The campaigns you run are only as effective as what you measure

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3 Easy Out Of The Box Ways To Use Automated Text Marketing In Fitness

The primary reason text message marketing is making a comeback is that the last three years has seen a huge shift in how people consume content and interact on the internet. Public timelines such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming less relevant, and more people choose private interactions

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How To Do SMS Marketing Easily | Is It Still Effective In 2019?

The average knowledge worker 'checks in' with communication tools every 6 minutes say research done by RescueTime. As a small business owner, this means that people are tuning into communication channels - email, IM or messages every 6 minutes. We explore what this means for your business

Top 10 Podcasts that Fitness Business Owners Should Listen To In 2019

Podcasts have exploded in the last couple of years and there's a lot of good content out there to help you run a thriving business, and manage both the business and mental aspect of being an entrepreneur. Here's our non-exhaustive list

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Personalization and Automation is The Future of Marketing for Gyms

Fitness businesses have been addicted to social media marketing and online advertising. It’s time to get over that addiction and deliver a more focussed and better customer experience in gyms.

How to be great at targeted messaging for your members

Brands and businesses have been addicted to social media growth and now its time to break this addiction. This blog dives into how you can focus on customer experience and provide targetted messaging to your members

Top 5 Easy Ways To Be The Best At Automated Text Message Marketing

A lot has been written about marketing automation, but here we dive deeper into a marketing channel that is making a comeback because of better automation and reliable technology - Text message marketing for the win

Text Message Marketing For Small Business – Why Is It Important Today?

For years, businesses have searched for ways to inculcate their brand, products or services into the personal lives of their customers, and to create touch points wherever those customers are.

Top 4 Simple Ways To Automate Marketing at Your Gym | Start Today

Marketing automation has been around for a while but its only in the last 5 years that the benefits of automated marketing has trickled down to small business entrepreneurs.

Customer Engagement Vs Text Message Marketing | Is There A Link?

People are too inundated with their social media feeds to care about the advertising within them. Add the growing number of privacy concerns and restrictions and we can see the reason why marketers are focussing on channels where users have more control

Dear Small Business Owner, Business Automation Is Not What You Think It Is

The last couple of years have seen a lot of brouhaha over automation taking over jobs and disrupting industries. While a lot of it is true, the tales of automation taking over the world have been greatly exaggerated

Text Message Marketing – Still A Reliable Marketing Channel In 2019?

5 years ago, most marketers decided that text message marketing and email marketing are dead. Social media was the new twinkle in every marketer's eye and we put all the effort into growing our Facebook audience and building followers on Pinterest and Instagram