OMnichannel Inbox with AI

Bring all your Conversations into a Single Inbox.

Streamline conversations across all channels – email, sms, facebook, instagram, whatsapp google my business & more into a single easy to manage Inbox.

Supercharge 1-on-1 Engagement with Conversational AI

Leverage our Conversational AI trained on 40+ million conversations to be your best performing sales or support agent. Easily load your knowledge base and train your AI within mins to handle conversations like a breeze. Drive 50% more bookings and improve customer satisfaction with a friendly AI agent working 24 / 7.

  • Seamless hand-off between AI and Human agents for complex questions or tasks that require your staff.
  • Fully context-aware based on previous conversations and full customer journey.
  • Automate appointment bookings & other trivial tasks for AI to handle.


Increase in Bookings


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in Support Volume

Easily manage millions of conversations.

Whether you looking to run it all on auto-pilot with AI or plan to have a team of human agents, you can easily manage all inbound conversations with Gleantap’s Inbox.

  • Use tags to categorize conversations making it easy to identify and report on.
  • Auto-assign conversations based on tags and rules.
  • Pre-saved templates to click and send messages for frequently asked questions.
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a later time.

Stay connected on the go with our Mobile App.

Use our iOS or Android mobile app to stay connected to your conversations on the go. Receive and respond to conversations easily with the app across all channels.

Unified Reporting for Clear Insights.

Get clear visibility into all your conversations across channels to understand

  • How each agent (AI or Human) is performing – Avg Response Times, # of Conversations etc.
  • What are customers requesting most support on.
  • Which channels are more active
  • & a lot more.

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