AI Content Assistant

Generate powerful content & ideas in seconds using AI.

Gleantap’s AI Content Assistant lets you create powerful campaigns effortlessly by spinning new ideas and copy in seconds.


Our new AI assistant has amazing marketing chops & can make your life a lot easier.

Brainstorm new campaign ideas.

Write an email copy.

Create email subject line ideas.

Write a SMS campaign copy.

Come up with creative promotional offers.

Generate beautiful email templates.


How it works

1. Select what you are looking to do.

Pick from our list of tasks that your AI Content assistant can do.

2. Provide more details about your campaign.

Write a few sentences about your campaign or task to give AI some direction on what you are trying to achieve.

3. Select a style of writing.

Select one or more styles of writing for your AI to craft your content.

4. Review results, edit & create your campaign.

Review the output, edit as needed and start creating your campaign with the new copy.


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