Generate more leads & provide an exceptional support with an AI Chatbot.

Train your own GPT-powered AI Chatbot and have it be available 24 / 7 on your website, and other communication channels (SMS, Facebook etc) to engage your customers in human-like conversations.


Your best performing employee available 24 / 7 to engage customers, generate leads and offer support.

Train the AI Chatbot with your Data & Brand Voice.

Upload any data files or train him on your entire website within seconds. Provide instructions and have it be the perfect representative of your brand.

Multiple Channels – Website, SMS, Instagram & more

No matter what channels your customers use, your AI is available to handle all conversations and respond back to customers within mins.

Supports multi-language for personalized support.

AI agent auto-switches to the customers preferred language on the fly and can support over 20+ languages. Provide support to customers in their language.

Easy hand-off to human agent

Easily jump on or off any conversation at any time. AI can seamlessly un-assign itself and transfer conversations to your team for complex asks or issues. Configure your team’s working hours to let AI know when someone is available.

Generate 2x more leads & appointments with your AI Chatbot.

Sick of missing out on the countless leads that come to your website every day without being captured?

Our AI Chatbot makes it easy for website visitors to ask questions and engage in conversation. AI is able to easily book appointments with your leads and send out calendar invites.

Supercharge your support with faster, more helpful responses using AI.

Allow Gleantap’s AI Chatbot to relieve your team of support requests so they can focus on other tasks that matter. Improve your response times and customer satisfaction scores.

Manage large volumes of incoming requests like a breeze. With our unified Inbox you can now support customers across multiple channels with conversations all funneling into a single inbox.


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