Demographic and Behavioral Data Gathering

Unify Customer Data

Connect your existing data sources to bring all your customer, sales, activity, payment and engagement data together to create a single view of the customer. Leverage insights from this data to run powerful campaigns.

Adaptive Segmentation

Segment your customers based on attributes, events or likelihood of an event occurrence. Stack multiple rules to create powerful and highly targeted groups. Segments auto-sync dynamically with your customer data to stay current.

Automated Campaigns

Multi-Channel Orchestration

Mobile Push Notifications

Reach out to your customers from within your mobile app via push notifications. Gleantap integrates with your app and lets you automate journey and behavior based notifications.

Text Message Marketing

Leverage the power of SMS marketing to drive positive behavior. Gleantap makes it easy and compliant to send out personalized and contextual texts to engage your customers.

Email Marketing

Automate your email messages using rich & personalized templates. Put your newsletters on auto-pilot. Gleantap provides you tools to run and measure your email campaigns efficiently.

Facebook Messenger

Engage your customers in a two-way conversation. Gleantap makes it easy to automate or manually connect with customers and have a personalized 1-on-1 dialogue.

Conversion Tracking & Insights

Go beyond opens & clicks to track all campaigns down to conversions. Identify best & worst subject lines, messaging, days of the week and hours of the day for engaging your customers. You’ll see which campaigns are working and which need some tweaking. You’ll have the data you need to make intelligent decisions that ultimately result in retaining more members and driving more revenue.

Hyper Targeted FB Ad Audiences

Gleantap can auto sync your customer segments to facebook ad audiences for retargeting or to create lookalike audiences. Run your ads on FB to target lookalike audiences of your most profitable customers easily.

Business Intelligence

Gleantap provides you powerful insights about your business that helps you stay on top and make strategic decisions. Gleantap analyzes your data to find out who your most profitable customers are and what characteristics are attributed to customers that churn faster. It also computers churn rate, lifetime value, ROI & other important business metrics.