Automate everything – conversions, reviews, retention & more.

Gleantap’s marketing automations help you boost conversions, engage customers and grow faster by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.


Unlock the power of automation to drive positive action.

Behavior driven automation

Automate text / email touchpoint based customer behavior – specific visits, purchases, no visits etc.

Drip campaigns based on time

Drip text or email messages to customers automatically based on where they are in the journey, when they signed up and the last received message.

Auto-respond to text messages

Create auto-responses based on keywords customers text and automate actions based on intent.


Visually build out your ideal customer journey with flows

Easily create powerful customer journey flows with logic and delays, and drive customers through your business the way you’d like them to.

Connect with your customers
across every channel

Smarter SMS marketing

Drive positive outcomes by sending personalized SMS messages to the right customer at the right time to keep them engaged with your business.

Powerful email campaigns

We make email marketing easier than ever by helping you automate your emails, build smarter campaigns, and keep a closer eye on your results with analytics.

Stay close with FB messenger*

Ensure your customers feel heard by engaging them in a two-way conversation on FB, either automatically or manually via a team member.

Automate internal tasks and reminders for your team

Stay on top of follow-ups, appointments, and other routine tasks with our internal automations, task manager & appointments calendar. Gleantap makes it easier than ever to collaborate and stay on top of all your staff’s daily activities.

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