5 Best Review Management Software To Boost Your Reputation

In today’s world of constant connectivity, the general populace is eager to share their experiences with the numerous brands and businesses they encounter daily. With so many options at their fingertips, reviews can often be the deciding factor in where consumers take their business, and, more often than not, that deciding factor can be a single bad review. 

For businesses, managing this online reputation is essential to brand success; but having the time to scroll through and respond to hundreds of reviews is just unrealistic. A review management tool can automate the process and allow you to protect your online reputation without spending hours to do it.

In a study done by Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers trust product reviews just as much as personal recommendations. This becomes even more significant when you consider that customers acquired through personal recommendations have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers. 

When it comes to your business, this can mean a significant boost in sales and brand loyalty. Whether they’re simply counting stars or doing a deep dive into the comments, a customer’s first impression of a business often takes place on a review platform–making sure that first impression is positive could be the life and death difference to your brand. 

5 Review Management software for 2023

There are a few important things to consider when choosing the right review management software for your business:

  • Usability
  • Integration
  • Cost

A software that comes at a low cost and has a full range of features is great, but if it does not integrate well with the tools you’re used to using, it’s going to be useless. Here, we’ve analyzed some of the most comprehensive reputation managers on the market. 

These softwares span a range of specializations from social media concentrations to customer experience software. Here are a the top 5 review management softwares that we’ve found to be most effective for businesses across the board: 

1. Gleantap

Price: $99/ month

Platforms supported: Web-based

GleantapGleantap is a customer retention software that works to help businesses boost loyalty and keep customers involved through SMS, push notifications, and email campaigns. Gleantap was created for businesses in the fitness and wellness industry, but has begun to evolve across a variety of vertices including retail stores and restaurants–a testament to its flexibility across platforms. 

When it comes to review management, one of Gleantap’s most powerful attributes is its multi-channel orchestrations and flexible integration model. When it comes to reputation management, Gleantap offers a centralized inbox that allows you to send messages back and forth via email, text, or website chat-to-text widgets. The inbox can integrate seamlessly across channels and provides an audit trail of touch-points for users to keep track of client history and patterns. 

Adaptive segmentation features allows users to group customers based on attributes and events allowing the creation of highly specified target groups. Gleantap’s multiple touch point model is highly effective in helping businesses stay on top of reviews. The software has user profile generation capabilities and can help brands more effectively and accurately manage, track, and respond to customer reviews. 

This feature can be paired with insights and data reports to help businesses cut away convoluted metrics. From here, users are able to preemptively identify client concerns, identify consumer trends, and curate highly personalized review responses to generate more impactful sales experience for customers. 

Key Features: 

  • Email Open Intelligence
  • Multi-channel engagement platforms
  • Centralized inbox and customizable workflows
  • Highly integral
  • Analytics and insights with geolocation capabilities
  • Link tracking and user targeting for SMS marketing optimization
  • User profiles and contact management tools

2. PromoRepublic

Price: $49/ month (small business) , $79/ month (agency)

Platforms supported: Web-based, Iphone, Android


PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform that offers brand management and content distribution workflow software to give you control over every detail of social media marketing. The user-friendly platform offers a customizable workspace and includes features such as auto-posting, Listing management, and content performance analytics software. 

The brand offers a reputation management solution that includes review generation and management software. Built-in alerts and notifications help keep businesses up-to-date on reviews and campaign management.

A comprehensive activities dashboard allows businesses to then collect and analyze review and content performance analytics. PromoRepublic gives users the capability to track brand mentions, collect insights, and create highly customizable review monitoring workflows that allow marketing teams to understand strong points and areas for improvement.

While not touting quite as many partners as some of the other softwares, PromoRepublic still allows users to track customer feedback from 130 websites from a single dashboard. This dashboard allows users to see review history, respond to new reviews, and analyze the success of review generation campaigns. 

Where PromoRepublic really shines is its geolocation metrics that allow teams to review volume and distribution across locations. For small businesses and enterprises alike, this can be indicative of where reputation management might be more essential than others. 

It’s also worth mentioning that PromoRepublic also offers a white label reputation management software so that users are able to manage their reviews without sacrificing brand integrity. 

Key Features

  • Social post boosting
  • Graphics editor
  • Content and campaign workflows
  • Review management and generation
  • Review and content analytics
  • Social media review integration
  • White Label mobile apps

3. Birdeye

Price: $299/ month

Platforms supported: Web-based, IOS, Android


Birdeye is a reputation and customer experience platform that serves everyone from small businesses to enterprises. They offer services such as listings, multi-channel integration, referral campaigns, and review management software. Insights and Natural Language Processing technology helps businesses to evaluate their ranking through a competitive review analysis and real time insights.  

Birdseye’s reputation management software success is bolstered by their comprehensive data collection software. This software helps businesses to better manage, respond, and analyze reviews and includes features such as customer surveys, benchmarking, and issue ticketing. This is made easier by Birdseye’s capability to function as a mobile app across both IOS and Android, allowing businesses to stay up-to-date anywhere, at any time. 

Overall, the software offers a bottom-up solution to customer support by making it easy for customers to leave reviews across a variety of platforms. With the capacity to integrate into 200+ popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor, Birdseye’s goal is to help companies generate a robust and streamline user experience simply from the act of leaving a review. 

Part of their review generation tactic includes a text interface that prompts consumers to leave star ratings and reviews at key points in the user experience. The app offers an integrated experience that allows users to leave reviews across any platform from google to instagram. These reviews all become housed in an centralized inbox where businesses are able to respond quickly, answer questions, and interact with their user audience.

Key Features

  • Messaging: text, video chat, calls
  • Review notifications
  • Centralized Inbox
  • Review sharing
  • Real-time web chat with chatbot capabilities
  • Customer sentiment analysis 
  • Geolocated and comparative performance analysis

4. Yext

Price: $16-$76/ month depending on tier

Platforms Supported: Web Based

Yext is a cloud-based software that monitors and responds to customer feedback and reviews. Designed for all types of businesses, Yext offers a flexible customer feedback experience across businesses from big corporations to small startups. 

Yext’s answer platform collects and organizes content into easy-to-read data points and then uses those data points to help support consumer needs. The software allows teams to build an Answer Platform from which they can review and tailor the company’s digital helpline experience. 


When it comes to review management, Yext’s software provides the tools to monitor, generate, analyze, and respond to reviews. A centralized response platform helps users to keep track of responses and reviews from 3rd party sites such as Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. 

Their review response platform can come in an easy-to-use App Directory to allow users to respond to reviews via text-like interface. Template response generations allow users to set up auto responses to reviews with minimal content. Finally, intelligent review responses allow businesses to set up quick response text assets that use keywords and underlying sentiment analysis to develop personalized, on-brand responses.  

Yext also implements a Review Generation strategy that includes Review invitations with specific URLs, Collects review generation metrics, and provides an integrated directory of review partners that can provide contact information and mail services.

Key Features:

  • Review generation
  • Review management workflow
  • Intelligent responding
  • Custom URLs
  • Smart troubleshooting with content recommendation
  • Multi-platform listings and integration 
  • Analytics and insights

5. Reputology

Price: $180-$20,000/ per month based on capacity

Platforms: Web Based


Reputology is a review monitoring and management platform that helps businesses analyze and build an online reputation marketing. Their model offers semantic analysis across a variety of platforms, allowing the company to adapt to the needs of a variety of businesses across a variety of verticals. 

Reputology’s software leverages around-the-clock monitoring of review platforms both large and small. Their digital monitoring system encompasses platforms such as Google, Facebook, local search directories, and even extends into employee review websites such as Glassdoor. Geolocating capabilities allow larger enterprises with multiple locations to implement location specific review monitoring to better troubleshoot local problems. 

Automated response and centralized feedback platforms make it easy for users to quickly respond to customers and identify overarching consumer sentiments. Reputology offers reporting and analytics to allow businesses to gauge performance. An easy-to-use workflow allows businesses the flexibility to build a user-specific interface so as to better fit the unique needs of the company.

This customizable workspace also provides companies with the capacity to track team dynamics and follow-up efficiency within the company. Reputology also allows users to assign identifiable issues to the proper team members so as to deliver the best possible customer service. 

Reputologies review management software operates completely under a White Label and is capable of integrating across a wide variety of platforms. Review stream and social sharing allow companies to go beyond one-on-one engagement and tout their good businesses across social media. 

Key Features:

  • Highly integrative
  • Unlimited review sites
  • Email Review Request Campaigns
  • White Label
  • Review stream/ Social sharing
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Customizable and flexible interface

With a plethora of options to overwhelm potential customers, having a solid online reputation is the difference between thriving and dying within the crowded consumer marketplace. On top of that, being sure that those positive ratings span across multiple search engines is imperative for any business that is serious about growth. 

Consider these statistics: 

  • 60% of consumers say that negative reviews had an impact on which businesses they chose to engage in. 
  • 49% of consumers needed at least a four-star rating before choosing a business
  • Americans are more likely to tell people about poor experiences than good ones. 

The key takeaways from these statistics should be that consumers rely on reviews. For businesses this can be both a dream and a nightmare. On the one hand, reviews provide social proof and, when they are well managed, reviews can be nearly as effective at generating new business and a referral campaign. 

On top of this, reviews are a bottomless source of feedback. Stockpiling and analyzing the insight that customers provide is a powerful way to improve your business, build marketing strategies, and make your customers feel heard. 

On the other hand, fielding bad reviews, maintaining consistent client engagement, and establishing a review generation program can become an overwhelming task even for the most competent marketing teams. 

With only 24 hours in a day, it would be nearly impossible to respond to every bad review and thank every good one. That’s why choosing the correct reputation management software for your brand is imperative. Review management software can save you time, money, and lost business. 

As with all good business plans, choosing a review software that shares a similar workflow and aligns with your brand is essential. Additionally, consider your customers. If you’ve found email to be the most effective, choose a software that prioritizes email. If your consumers spend most of their time on instagram, opt for a software that integrates easily with social media. Choose the technology that not only empowers you, but also your customers–after all, that’s why we created Gleantap. 

Review management can be difficult, but finding a software that is perfect for you doesn’t have to be. Browse our comprehensive list of review management solutions and see how we go beyond the basics to meet you right where you need us.  

We know that helping you choose the best review management plan is essential to not only your brand, but ours as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out or request a demo to show how our simple, fast, and personalized experience can change the way you do business.

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