Choosing The Right Gym CRM Software For Your Club

If you’re not already using some sort of customer relationship management software, or CRM, you’re probably stressed and missing out on a lot of business.CRMs can help you keep track of customer information, streamline the sales process, manage marketing, accounting, and  even operate as your point-of-sale system. 

For fitness clubs and gyms, choosing a fitness CRM software is essential for managing new and potential clientele, especially with the global fitness market experiencing a high growth potential in the post-covid consumer environment. 

Let’s examine some of the numbers. 

CRM Statistics

Companies that implement a CRM software saw an average $31.48 ROI for every dollar spent on a CRM software 13 months after implementing a solution. Adding to this, businesses that are using a fitness CRM software can increase conversion rates by up to 300% and improve sales by nearly 30%. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that 91% of small businesses operate with a CRM. 

As of 2022, the global CRM market is expected to grow by 245% by 2028. Businesses will have more options to choose from when it comes to a CRM that best fits their specific needs. In this guide, we’ll look at how a CRM software can benefit you, what to look for, and even analyze a few potential options that could be a good fit.

What Is Gym CRM Software?

When researching CRM software, it’s important to consider the integrative capabilities of a solution into your already established day-to-day workflow and needs.  A gym specific software combines all the basic features of a CRM such as customer data management, marketing,POS tools, and analytics with fitness club and exercise-related features. 

Some of these key features may be: 

  • A member portal
  • Registration and billing portals
  • Online class scheduling, booking, and check-in management system
  • Room or Equipment management
  • Activity tracker
  • Personal trainer and staff portals
  • Analytics and insight reports
  • Customer retention tools
  • Kiosk and front desk management tools
  • Sales and support features

A fitness CRM software  will help you manage your team members, pursue potential clients, simplify the sales pipeline, and keep your current customers engaged. The fitness industry is projected to grow 171.75% by 2028.When it comes to capturing this nearly 34% annual growth, having a tailored fitness CRM software is essential for gyms and fitness clubs that are serious about continued development. 

Fitness CRM software

How to Choose the Right Gym Software?

Choosing the fitness CRM software that is a good match can take some trial and error. A good CRM system shouldn’t be cluttered with features that you don’t need; however, it should be scalable to the growing demands of your business. 

Before you begin looking for a software, it’s important to determine what systems are going to best serve those established needs. Some important questions to ask yourself may be: 

  • What are your goals? 
  • Where are you currently struggling?
  • Where are you currently thriving? 
  • How are you hoping to integrate your current marketing efforts into a CRM?
  • How much are you hoping to spend? 

Once you have those answers hammered out, you can begin researching.

CRMs can be costly, with the average mid-sized business spending around $7,500/ per year. Luckily, many CRM software companies, such as Gleantap, offer demos that allow you to test run a solution before you commit to a big investment.

When considering a vendor, it’s important to not only consider the vendor’s reputation, but also their experience. Especially for fitness clubs and gyms, it’s important to make sure that your CRM platform provider is well versed in setting up a CRM for the fitness industry marketing

Don’t be afraid to test out a few different solutions, get feedback from your team, and further refine your goals and needs from a CRM as you move through the process.

CRM for the fitness industry

Features and Functionalities to Look for in Gym Software

If you’re a large-scale gym with a variety of classes and training programs, your needs are going to be significantly different than those of a small yoga studio. This variability in needs has led to a surplus of management softwares, with the global industry being valued at $310 billion dollars. 

Navigating these capabilities can be difficult, so we’ve put together some of the most popular features offered by fitness CRM software companies.


Whether your business is small or large, marketing is probably a top priority. Without the proper tools to manage your marketing efforts, they can quickly become a big expense and an even bigger headache. 

For gyms, developing long-term clients is non-negotiable; so, having a marketing software that prioritizes long-term acquisition must be also. 

Some marketing features you might want your CRM to include are: 

  • Contact information capture feature
  • SMS and push notification features
  • Email campaign management
  • Review management softwares
  • Referral system & tracker
  • Social media integrations

Point-of-Sale System

A good fitness POS system should be a comprehensive and easy to use system for client management and sales. Beyond the basic capability of allowing you to take payments, fitness oriented POS software can include a variety of other features: 

Some POS features you might want your CRM to include are: 

  • Membership management
  • Booking capabilities for trainers and classes
  • Merchandise management

Member Portal

Customer interactions don’t just happen during a class or workout session. Having an easily navigable member portal can provide self-service capabilities that free up hands on your staff.  Offering Live or online classes, booking software, and activity trackers via a member portal can ultimately be the difference between long-term members and free-trial flybys. 

Obviously, the capabilities of your member portal should be centered around your clientele and what you’re offering as a business. 

Here are some features offered by the top fitness CRM softwares that support member portals:

  • Member sign-up and waivers
  • Invoice and billing information
  • Video library + live class capabilities
  • Class registration
  • Activity + attendance tracker
  • Online shop
  • Mobile app feature


Your CRM software should include modules for admin, employees, and members. Ultimately, having modules that are customizable can give you the capacity to fit a fitness CRM software to your needs rather than the other way around. 

A comprehensive admin modules will generally include: 

  • Revenue information
  • Budget management
  • Maintenance issues
  • Insights 

A training module is related to the needs and operations of a team of employees. This module should allow you to: 

  • View and manage scheduling
  • See progress reports
  • Salary and payment management

A member module will pertain to client accounts and should allow you to see: 

  • Membership details and demographics
  • Contact information
  • Waivers and health records
  • Attendance

As you can see, there is a lot to consider in terms of functions and features of a CRM software. Be careful not to get sidetracked with bells and whistles that don’t pertain to your needs. These will end up costing you more in the end and can lead to confusion among clients and employees alike. 


Benefits of Using a Gym Software System

As a gym or fitness club owner, you know how essential customer retention is. With that being the basis for long-term success, having an efficient way to easily manage and organize your customers information is of top-tier importance.

Gym and health club oriented CRM softwares can provide a wealth of benefits for gyms and clubs of any size. The primary goal of a good CRM software is to gather customer interactions and information in one, centralized place to improve the customer experience and help reduce administrative clutter. In addition to this, there are several benefits of having a localized, easy-to-interact-with solution for customer management.

  • Better customer service: CRM solutions allow you to keep in near constant contact with customers. Data collection and storage capabilities allow you to gather important information and ensure that you’re well prepared to fit the needs of your clients, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Lead capture and client database: Knowing when and where to cast your net is important when it comes to gaining new clients. Maximize your marketing efforts with lead capture qualities and a client database to help you target and identify your most likely customers for a higher ROI on your marketing budget. 
  • Increased sales: CRM tools can help you build an efficient and smooth sales pipeline to increase online sales and help ensure an easy to learn process for employees.
  • Detailed analytics: CRMs continue to evolve in their data collection and interpretation capabilities. Having a CRM with detailed analytic capture and analysis can help your business do things like create targeted marketing solutions, increase sales forecast accuracy, capture leads, and maintain customer relations.
  • Higher productivity and efficiency: Fitness CRM software can help to expedite and alleviate the burden of menial tasks from your team, allowing them to focus their efforts where it matters most. Dashboards and customizable workflows allow employees, managers, and administrators to track progress and sustain communication internally.
  • Higher level of organization: Gyms and fitness clubs are unique in that they often require clients to disclose significantly more personal information than other business interactions. A fitness CRM software creates a centralized database of information for keeping track of–and ensuring the security of–all personal information. 
  • Streamline internal communications: In addition to simplifying communication between your customers and your business, a CRM solution offers robust and straightforward tools to team management and communication. Send messages, oversee brand communications, and manage projects all through customizable workflows. 

The benefits of a fitness CRM software go far beyond what is listed here. With user interface being a key selling point when it comes to online interactions, having a sleek and easy to manage CRM software could be a defining factor when it comes to your businesses longevity. 

3 CRM Softwares to Consider for 2023

With so many benefits to implementing a CRM software, it’s no wonder that the CRM industry is projected to grow 14.27% annually from now until 2027. Having a centralized software that is geared toward the specific needs of the health and fitness industry will only become more essential as time goes on. 

Here we’ve put together a few fitness CRM software solutions for you to consider implementing over the next year. 

Fitness CRM Software


Although relatively new to the market, Gleantap has quickly become a leading CRM software in the fitness and wellness industry. This highly flexible software offers multiple functions in an easy to use layout. Gleantap specializes in health clubs, meaning they offer a more than competent set-up solution in addition to their intelligently simple and highly customizable CRM software.

Gleantap’s priority is to deliver personalized engagements through intelligent marketing and sales practices. In doing so, they offer a wide selection of marketing features to reduce customer interactions that slip through the cracksC. Gleantaps marketing features include automated campaign capabilities, conversation tracking, and review management–features that can be accessed from a desktop or an app. 


Gymdesk is an all-in-one fitness CRM software that has specialized platforms tailored to a wide variety of clubs including gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, and martial arts studios. Gymdesk offers a competent POS system, digital member portal, billing management, marketing, and lead data reporting features. 

Gymdesk also provides users with self-service class scheduling and attendance tracking capabilities. These modules can be tailored to the needs of the gym or fitness club. Gymdesk helps gyms curate online brands that are capable of integrating with any device, allowing your team members and clientele to engage both at home and on the go. 


Glofox is a gym and fitness club management software that has several features centering around marketing and growth. Glofox is unique because, in addition to standard gym and studio software, it can also service organizations like cycling clubs. This solution also offers class scheduling planners, billing management, can accept payments, and has the ability to integrate with social media. 

Glofox’s strengths lie in its marketing and insights capabilities, which provide essential growth and sales data. These insights can also be used to create automated notifications and capture website leads. For sales, you are also able to track interaction timelines as well as segment and target leads to help keep potential customers engaged.

Getting Started with CRM implementation

CRMs are being rapidly adopted by gym and fitness clubs across the globe, and it’s no secret why. The key takeaway here is that, no matter how big your business, the benefits of implementing a fitness specific CRM software can be profound.

CRMs are powerful tools that offer robust and flexible solutions to everyday problems faced by the fitness industry. Currently, the U.S.Gym, health, and fitness club industry is projected to grow 5.0% by the end of 2022 alone. This means that having a CRM software solution that is tailored to your needs is imperative to keeping up with consumer demand. 

Furthermore, consumers are willing to pay higher dollar prices for health and fitness related memberships, creating a phenomenal growth opportunity for businesses. With such a saturated market, there are CRM software solutions that can fit the needs of nearly any gym or fitness club. 

In the same vein, finding a solution can feel overwhelming when you first start out. Luckily, our blog offers a variety of how-to’s, ebooks, and guides for choosing the best softwares to fit your business, even beyond CRMs.  

Gleantap is a leading fitness software that can provide highly personalized solutions to customer relationship management, sales, and marketing. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and request a demo today.

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