33 Black Owned Gyms and Fitness Studios to Support

It’s Black History Month, and this year’s theme for the celebration is health and wellness. So we’re taking this opportunity to not only celebrate inspirational Black voices but spotlight Black entrepreneurs who shape and revolutionize the fitness industry.

In recent years, Black fitness gurus have strived to create more inclusiveness in the wellness industry. What can you do to help drive change and promote diversity in this space? Support their businesses.

As the world ponders how to enact change in this current climate, a starting point is to support those who create safe places for Black Americans to heal and be well.

Whether you’re into a fast-paced HIIT class or chill yoga class, odds are you’ll find a Black-owned studio that fits your interests. Today, we’re highlighting 33 wellness spaces run by Black entrepreneurs. 

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements made by Black Americans. It’s also a time to recognize African Americans’ roles in U.S. history.

Each year, Black History month follows a specific theme. The theme for 2022 focuses on the importance of Black health and wellness

This theme acknowledges the legacy of Black scholars and medical practitioners. In addition, this year’s theme considers activities and initiatives. Black communities have done to achieve good health.

With that said, we must also address some of the racial disparities in wellness.

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Importance of Black-Owned Wellness Spaces

Black communities are more likely to experience socioeconomic inequalities — like exclusion from health resources and facilities. These circumstances can lead to worsened health conditions. To add, African Americans are more at risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes

There are many barriers between health and wellness and Black Americans. But, that’s why African American entrepreneurs are finding their way to ownership and are creating spaces that provide a sense of safety, community, and comfort. 

33 Black-Owned Fitness Studios and Gyms

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of Black-owned fitness businesses that you should put on your radar: 

1. HealHaus (Brooklyn, NY)

This Black-owned yoga studio provides an inclusive atmosphere that focuses on holistic wellness. HealHaus also welcomes both novice and experienced yogis — so there’s something for everyone. Not local? No problem. They are currently offering live yoga and meditation sessions. // Website | Instagram

2. And Yoga Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

And Yoga Studios was founded in 2014 as an independent fair-trade handmade goods shop. But soon after, it blossomed into a shop and yoga studio. The And Yoga Studio’s goal is to inspire magic through yoga. They offer both in-person and virtual yoga classes. // Website | Instagram

3. 2A Fitness (Montgomery, AL)

The owners of 2A Fitness aim to help make fitness a lifestyle in the Black community. 2A Fitness offers a myriad of fitness programs and classes. Their offerings include HIIT circuit, senior fit classes, spin, step, and Zumba. They also offer a child drop-off program, smoothie cafe, and state-of-the-art treadmills. // Website | Instagram

4. Coral Cliffs Climbing Center (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Coral Cliffs is an indoor climbing facility owned by professional climber Abby Dione. This gym has facilities and programs for everyone — including kids. They also offer real rock climbing excursions and private instruction. // Website | Instagram

Black History

5. E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness — Atlanta, GA

The coaches at E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness are dedicated to helping clients change their mindsets about health and fitness. They offer a virtual boot camp, spin classes, kettlesthetics, HIIT sessions, and more. // Website | Instagram

6. Kick Start Youth Martial Arts (Atlanta, GA)

Kick Start Youth Martial Arts is owned by trained martial artist Renard Beaty. This Grant Park facility teaches children from 5 to 14 years old. They aim to get kids healthy while instilling self-discipline. // Website

7. TrillFit (Boston, MA)

TRILLFIT was created to address the lack of inclusivity in Boston’s fitness landscape. Their hip-hop workouts are not only fun and electrifying, but they promote freedom and self-love. Some of their offers include their signature cardio class and strength training program. // Website | Instagram

8. Top-Notch Performance Fit (Durham, NC)

Top-Notch Performance Fit provides a unique fitness experience for individuals seeking small group training with the feel of personal training. They also offer HIIT training, mobility training, strength programs, and floor-based training. All of their offerings are designed to maximize your workout. // Website | Instagram

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9. Push Universal Training (Philadelphia, PA)

Founders Troy Howard and Justin Taylor had the vision to become one of Philly’s leading fitness centers — and it looks like they’re well on their way. Push Universal is praised as the ‘best boot camp in Philly’. They also provide one-on-one personal training, group training, and weight management programs — all at affordable prices. // Instagram

10. Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia is known for renowned boxing — and even more renowned boxing gyms. Maleek Jackson Boxing provides instruction for anyone looking for an intense and satisfying workout. They also provide after-school programs for kids ages 7 to 17. // Website | Instagram

11. Sweat DC (Washington, DC) 

Sweat DC believes that exercise should be exciting, inclusive, and inspiring. This training facility offers HIIT training, strength, conditioning, and virtual workouts. If you’re looking for a judgment-free zone with dope music and science-backed workouts, Sweat DC is it. // Website | Instagram

12. Sidebarre (Washington, DC)

Sidebarre is for those looking for an intense and low-impact workout. Using ballet and pilates techniques, classes help tone and sculpt muscles. // Website | Instagram 

13. Thrive Health Lab (Los Angeles, CA)

Thrive Health Lab is a boutique fitness center that aims to educate and empire the Black community through holistic wellness. They provide in-person and virtual training, custom meal plans, and community-building fitness events. // Website | Instagram

14. Grit Fitness (Dallas, TX)

Not only is Grit Fitness Black-owned, but it’s also woman-owned. With three locations, Grit Fitness has a major presence in the fitness scene in Dallas. They offer over 15 classes, including cycle, sculpt, HIIT, dance, glutes, and weight training. They offer two packages: single and virtual. // Website | Instagram

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15. Faction Play (Dallas, TX)

Also known as the “PlayMakers,” the coaches at Faction Play provide professional training for athletes and those wanting to take their fitness to the next level. They offer a variety of in-person and virtual classes, including boxing, foundational strength, breathing, kettlebells, and bodyweight. // Website | Instagram 

16. JourneyFit (Dallas, TX)

The trainers at JourneyFit instill a health mindset in all of their clients — they even help individuals create a grocery list to reach their fitness goals. In addition to their signature HIIT Movement classes, they also provide conditioning for volleyball players. // Website | Instagram

17. M.A.D.E Fitness (Nashville, TN)

M.A.D.E Fitness is redefining fitness in Nashville. Known for high-intensity workouts and boot camps, their team of coaches has over 30 years of combined experience to challenge their clientele. Some of their clients even include professional athletes — including boxing champ Caleb Plant. // Website | Instagram

18. Essential Hot Yoga (Detroit, MI)

Essential Hot Yoga has something for everyone — from beginners to advanced yoga students. Every client will learn how to challenge themselves and achieve refinement in their yoga practice. // Website

19. Livewell Maxwell at Fit4Life (Detroit, MI)

The facility promotes healthy living in a fun and family-friendly environment. They also provide a variety of programs for every fitness level. Livewell Maxwell offers on-site and virtual training programs for individuals, schools, and businesses. // Website

20. Sculpt and Shred Fitness (Chicago, IL)

The primary goal for Sculpt and Shred Fitness is to build health from the inside out. They aim to combat high blood pressure and diabetes through proper diet and exercise. Sculpt and Shred curate custom classes and meal plans that help clients build a healthy body. // Website | Instagram

Sculpt and Shred Fitness

21. Bluprint Fitness (Chicago, IL)

Bluprint Fitness provides a fun atmosphere and integrative fitness programs. They combine philosophies from strength and conditioning, gymnastics, and various sports to create programs that maximize fitness. // Website | Instagram

22. 360 Mind Body and Soul (Chicago, IL)

360 Mind Body and Soul aims to change the way clients think about body fitness, their bodies, and the world around them. This huge facility has 3 fitness floors and includes a barre, cycle, and functional training studio with over 10 certified trainers. // Website | Instagram

23. Revelé With Rachel (Boston, MA)

Classes at Revelé with Rachel leave clients feeling challenged and strong and not defeated or frustrated. Owner Rachel encourages a mindful movement that fosters a deep connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Reveille With Rachel currently offers live stream and on-demand barre and yoga workouts // Website | Instagram

24. The Peace Center Gym (Los Angeles, CA)

The Peace Center Gym aims to help individuals find their “flow” and increase their strength. This 24-hour gym offers one-on-one training, performance training, and state-of-the-art movement equipment. // Website 

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25. (New York, NY)

Owned by celebrity trainer Kelvin Gary, this studio emphasizes functional fitness, which supports everyday activities. The functional trainers at Body Space Fitness cultivate fun and dynamic workouts that focus on teamwork and cooperation. // Website | Instagram 

Body Space Fitness

26. Soul City Yoga (Malden, MA)

Founded in 2016 by Shanel Anderson, Soul City Yoga encourages yogis of all levels to come and practice in a safe and diverse environment. Their goal is to ensure everyone in their community has access to wellness. // Website | Instagram 

27. Pilates Barre and Jams (Oakland, CA)

Teresa Ellis opened Pilates Barre and Jams to create a comfortable, inclusive, and welcoming environment. Her mission is to ensure that her clients feel strong and empowered after each session. // Website | Instagram

28. PIES Fitness and Yoga Studio (Alexandra, VA)

PIES Fitness and Yoga Studio doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. But they do believe that one fitness center can fit everyone’s needs. In addition to yoga, they offer a variety of programs of Zumba, belly dancing classes, capoeira, and strength boot camp. // Website | Instagram

29. CYCLED! (Washington, DC and Silver Spring, Maryland)

Offering a dynamic mix of fat-blasting cycling classes, sculpting barre, and strengthening yoga classes, CYCLED! has got something for everyone. They currently offer socially distanced indoor classes, outdoor cycling events, and virtual sessions. // Website | Instagram

30. Trampoline TRIM (Hollywood, CA)

Founder Tiffany Marie is the expert on all things bounce fitness. Trampoline Trim offers a training program that is low impact but intense. Their trampoline workouts are designed to improve stamina, strength, and balance. // Website | Instagram

31.Physiques Gym (Phoenix, AZ)

Physiques Gym is one of Arizona’s top-rated private gyms offering group and one-on-one training sessions. Their signature brand of athletic training is designed to push and motivate every client to achieve their health and fitness goals. // Website | Instagram

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32. Happy Factor (Phoenix, AZ)

The trainers at Happy Factor believe that when you exercise intentionally and consistently, you get strong physically and mentally. This downtown Phoenix gym provides semi-private personal training and partner training // Website | Instagram 

33. The Loft Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

The Loft is one of Atlanta’s top training facilities for athletes and individuals looking for a challenge. This fitness center offers a wide array of classes, including trampoline, Zumba, glute training, and yoga. // Website | Instagram

How to Support Black-Owned Fitness Businesses

Supporting Black-owned businesses is crucial for developing community wealth and closing the diversity gap in the fitness industry. Here are a few simple ways you can elevate the wellness studios we’ve mentioned:

Increase Visibility

The best way to support a Black-owned fitness business is to make it a point to bring awareness to them. This could be sharing a post on social media, having the business owner on a podcast, or writing about them in a blog. Anything that brings attention to Black-owned businesses is meaningful.

Share With Your Social Circles 

Word of mouth is powerful. So share these businesses with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more people aware of the opportunity to visit a Black-owned fitness studio, the better.

Invest In Them

Financial stability is key to keeping Black-owned gyms thriving. So one of the best things you can do is patronize their business. If you live nearby one of the businesses we’ve featured, you can drop by for a class or sign up for a membership. Some studios even have a virtual option if you can make it in person.

Write and Share a Review

Leaving a review expressing your support helps these businesses rank high in localized searches — thus making them more visible.

Wrap Up 

Economic and social barriers make it difficult for Black Americans to foster health. 

However, inclusive spaces like the ones we’ve mentioned today address the disparities in the fitness world. And the only way we can ensure that these businesses continue to flourish and fill the diversity gap is to support and empower them. 

Something as simple as a social media post or review speaks volumes. It not only helps keep businesses afloat but brings us one step closer to revolution.

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