PlumIQ: Optimize Your Customer’s Journey from Day One

In the world of fitness, finding ways to keep your members engaged and active is a huge challenge for most gym owners. With so many different exercise options available to these customers, trying to reduce churn rate can be difficult without the proper tools for the job. This is where PlumIQ comes in.

PlumIQ is a fitness studio management software that helps owners and operators to optimiz the customer journey from day one. Not only is PlumIQ a helpful solution for studios looking to increase member loyalty and drive growth, but it is a good example of using new technologies to solve old problems. Let’s take a look at exactly how they do that and see what we can learn.

How does PlumIQ work?

As a fitness studio management app, PlumIQ uses mobile marketing tools to engage customers throughout their fitness journey. Coupled with marketing automation, this allows PlumIQ users to set up their campaign and let it run uninterrupted, freeing up more time that can be spent on creating new classes and better serving gym members.

Along with marketing automation, PlumIQ also allows members to book classes, make payments, and leave reviews. Each of these features make the entire process of visiting a gym or fitness studio easy and painless. This is especially important as asking for due payments and having a poor class booking system can be huge turn offs to potential members.

Finally, PlumIQ offers the ability to track user engagement metrics with smart reporting. This can offer deeper insights into member behavior, including at-risk customers that might need extra marketing to avoid churning. All of this combined leads to more satisfied clientele and a smoother running operation.

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Benefits of PlumIQ

Now that you have a better idea of how PlumIQ works, let’s take a look at a few benefits of the platform. While each of the tools we just reviewed is essential in optimizing the customer journey, these are benefits that built in to the software from the ground up.  

Increase member loyalty

The first benefit of PlumIQ is how it can help gyms and fitness studios increase member loyalty. There are a few ways that it can do this. First, by running automated campaigns with reminders for customers to not only go to the gym, but check-in and engage with the software. Customers that feel as if they have a purpose to head to the gym are much more likely to repeatedly visit and stick with the company for longer.

On top of that, PlumIQ can integrate with customer loyalty programs like Perkville to keep members engaged and give them a reason to come back to the gym again and again. In fact, a 2016 study found that customers who are members of loyalty programs, such as frequent flier clubs, generate between 12 and 18 percent more revenue than non-members. Not only will these members not churn, but they will spend more than those not involved in the program.

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Drive revenue and growth

The next benefit of using PlumIQ is its ability to drive revenue and growth through referrals and reviews. First, let’s talk about reviews. Satisfied members are much more likely to leave good reviews of your business and their word speaks volumes to new members looking to join. By prompting members to leave a review with the right tools like SMS marketing, you can increase the amount of good reviews you have for your business and drive growth.

In the same manner, by coupling a request for referral business with either a reward or additional benefits in the customer loyalty program, you can increase revenue through word of mouth marketing. For example, even a simple text blast that requests a referral for discounted rate has the potential to do wonders for your gym.

Simplify the process

The philosophy behind both of the benefits we just looked at is to simplify the process across the board. By taking the pressure off of fitness club owners to be on top of their marketing at all times, PlumIQ can completely change their approach to both their members and marketing. This is the power that marketing automation can have when it is done correctly and PlumIQ understands this better than anyone.

For instance, earlier we were using an example of sending a text blast to ask customers for referrals. Now, imagine that this entire scenario was automated. Based on smart analytics, you can target active members at the gym who are more likely to refer a friend. Then, you can set up an automation so every time someone has visited the gym so many times in one week, they receive a request for a referral.

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Revenue model

PlumIQ operates on a simple business model of $89/month for their clients. However, the low cost doesn’t mean a compromise in features, as each of the following are included in this $89 plan.

  •      Unlimited Members
  •      Scheduling
  •      Payment Processing
  •      Reports
  •      Member Portal
  •      Check-In Kiosk
  •      Auto Notifications
  •      Priority Customer Support
  •      Custom Branding

By simply offering one, inexpensive package for their clients, PlumIQ is better able to serve as many gyms and fitness studios as possible with their solution. Since they are offering all of these tools and capabilities, it really comes down to the dedication of the owners and operators to use these tools for success. However, PlumIQ covers most of the work for you so the effort required is minimal.

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Untapped potential

With thousands of fitness centers in the United States and millions of gym members worldwide, PlumIQ has almost unlimited untapped potential. When you take into account the fact that many gyms and fitness centers in countries like India are still looking for a fitness management software that can bring them into the 21st century, it’s easy to see where PlumIQ can go from here.

As customer retention marketing continues to be a dominant trend both within the fitness industry and beyond, companies like PlumIQ will continue to grow into their new roles as assistants in bringing owners up to speed on the latest trends. But, by making retention a focus, fitness studios can better serve their members and deliver an exceptional experience that will have them coming back for more.

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