30 Black Fitness Creators to Follow on Instagram

It’s no secret that the fitness and wellness industry lacks inclusion. Just visit your favorite health club — chances are there aren’t many Black trainers. And some brands and fitness initiatives may only feature White individuals in their marketing messaging.

This means that the Black community is often excluded from the conversation surrounding health, fitness, and nutrition — which is another result of racial oppression.

Yes, it is a harsh reality; however, we must acknowledge this reality if we want to push for change.

We can revolutionize the fitness world by supporting Black trainers, influencers, and professionals. So, we’ve compiled a list of fitness social media accounts that are doing amazing things in the fitness and wellness scene.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is an annual celebration of Black Americans’ triumphs. The month is also a time to honor African Americans who have shaped the course of history. 

This year’s theme for Black History Month is health and wellness. So, this month is dedicated to reflecting on the contributions African Americans have had in health and wellness. 

And it’s also a time to explore some of the nuances of health in the Black community. This includes topics that aren’t discussed enough — like representation in the wellness industry.

The lack of representation creates a sense of “otherness” in the Black community. Further, it conveys that African Americans are not welcome in particular fitness spaces. 

In addition, Black fitness professionals aren’t given the same opportunities as their non-minority counterparts. This blocks them from creating more revenue and expanding their practice, which stalls the progress towards equality.

That’s why it is essential to spotlight and uplift the Black voices in the wellness community.

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30 Black Fitness Trainers to Follow on Instagram

There are a ton of Black fitness creators who are creating incredible content. So whether you’re looking for body positivity, motivation, yoga, or intense HIIT workouts, these accounts have something for you.

1. Latoya Shauntay Snell (@iamlshauntay)

If you need some motivation to finally run that marathon, follow Latoya Shauntay Snell. She is an ultrarunner which means she runs races longer than the standard 26.2 miles. That also means she’s an ultra pro at marathons. 

Not only will you get fitness inspiration, but she also gets real about not feeling her best after not training for a few months — the type of realness we all need.

2. Ashley Joi(@ashleyjoi)

You can expect motivation posts, lifestyle posts, and workout inspiration from Ashley. And she’s a cardio and strength training expert — no, really. 

Ashley is a former Division I Track Athlete and trainer for Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness program, Centr. 

3. Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

Chances are you’ve heard of Jeanette Jenkins. With over 30 years of personal training and coaching experience, she solidified her name in the fitness world.

The celebrity trainer has worked with Alicia Keyes, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Mindy Kaling. She also posts at-home workouts to her Instagram feed — and most of them don’t even require equipment.

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4. Corey Calliet (@coreycalliet)

Another trainer known on the Hollywood fitness scene is Corey Calliet. This trainer’s high-profile clientele includes Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, and John Boyega. 

Just scroll through Corey’s feed if you need an extra push to get shredded. He posts daily motivation and exercises inspiration. 

5. Chris Garyfallakis (@chris_garyfallakis)

This fitness model turned Nike trainer delivers both style and workout inspiration. His exercise posts include a variety of skill sets — so regardless of your fitness journey, you’ll find something to fit your needs. 

Chris will help you look good in and out of the gym between his workout videos and fashion posts.

Chris Garyfallakis

6. Monica Jones (@trainwithmon)

Monica Jones serves up some serious girl power. This Under Armour and BASH boxing trainer shares motivation and her love of everything wellness. She also shares lifestyle advice to help her followers achieve their fitness goals.

7. Chase Tucker (@chasetucker)

You’re probably already familiar with Chase Tucker if you’re a Peloton user. This personal trainer and Bootcamp instructor brings his positive outlook and passion for fitness to Instagram. 

Along with daily motivations, he serves practical workouts you can do anywhere.

8. Kupah James (@kupahjames)

Kupah James creates content for those wanting a low impact yet effective workout. This trainer turned fit-fluencer made Bodyweight BootKAMP — an outdoor, fat-blasting workout in Los Angeles. He also teaches classes all over the world with AloMoves.

Aside from his fitness expertise, he also delivers relationship and lifestyle advice for aspiring trainers and trainees.

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9. Brittne Babe (@Brittnebabe)

Scrolling through Brittne’s Instagram feed is enough to get anyone off the couch and into the gym. 

With almost 2 million followers, this fitness model turned influencer serves up healthy meal tips and workout inspiration — there are even some fun TikToks thrown in there.

If you decide to take on one of her workouts, be prepared to feel strong and sore the next day.

10. Chrissy King (@iamchrissyking)

Chrissy aims to defy the standard idea of ‘healthy’. Her philosophy is that a small body doesn’t equate good health — in the same way, a larger body doesn’t signify poor health. 

She empowers her followers with a heaping dose of body positivity — and who can be mad at that? Chrissy also used her platform to promote equality in the wellness industry.

Chrissy King

11. Lita Lewis (@followthelita)

Lita Lewis is all about body positivity — so much so that she created a fitness apparel line Thick Athletics. T-shirts include slogans like “Thick Thighs Saves Lives” and “Love Thigh Self”.

This fitness trainer’s Instagram is full of workouts that will have you feeling the burn. Lita includes some beauty and style content, too. 

12. Massy Arias (@massy.arias)

Massy Arias has a strong Instagram fitness community with nearly 3 million followers. Her feed is loaded with a great mix of short workouts and lifestyle content. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick cardio session or core circuit, this certified personal trainer has got you covered. 

13. Gabriel Sey (@gabriel.sey)

Gabriel is the ultimate fit family guy. His Instagram feed has a beautiful mix of fitness motivation and family content (p.s., his kids are adorable). And he and his wife both run an online coaching program that helps busy parents obtain their fitness goals. 

When he’s not adding to his Instagram, Gabriel also spreads his love of health and wellness on YouTube. His channel features tips on maintaining a solid diet and exercise routine for strength and longevity.

14. Libby Christensen (@libbychristensen)

Libby’s Instagram feed is bound to get you motivated. Besides photos of her toned physique, this Gymshark athlete also shares videos of her weight training routines. Libby also adds some variety with beauty and lifestyle content.

15. Jason Williams (@charmcitypt)

Jason Williams wears many hats in the wellness industry. He’s a trainer, meditation instructor, reiki teacher, author, and director at Pilates Barre. When he’s not busy making moves in the fitness world, he’s posting yoga routines on his Instagram.

Jason Williams

16. Bryant Johnson (@rbgworkout)

Bryant is best known for being Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal trainer. He shares information about the “RBG” workout” and motivates older adults to stay active and fit. 

17. Leyon Azubuike (@leyon)

This actor turned boxing trainer is a superstar in the fitness world. After retiring from competitive fighting, he became a personal trainer in Los Angeles. 

His A-list clients include Jennifer Aniston, Cam Newton, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. In addition, his page is loaded with inspiration to get you pumped about working out.

18. Rachel Nicks (@rachelenicks)

Rachel is a trainer and doula who posts about fitness for moms. She also includes content with her kiddos and tips on how busy moms can stay energized and motivated.

19. BB Arrington (@bb.arrington

BB is a certified functional nutritionist and athletic trainer. She’s dedicated to promoting sustainable initiatives for health and wellness. When she’s not posting workouts and food inspiration, BB spends time teaching classes at SLT.

20. Jasmine Blocker (@jas_blocker)

Jasmine is a professional track and field star for Team USA and a personal trainer. Along with beauty and style content, she posts workouts on her Instagram feed and Story.

Jasmine Blocker

21. Quentin Vennie (@quetinvennie)

Quentin is a wellness expert and motivational speaker. And you may have seen him on Gweneth Paltrow’s Netflix series ‘Sex, Love, and Goop’. 

He also works to make yoga and meditation accessible to underserved communities.

22. Mia (@mia.jestina)

Mia is a plant-based yogi and wellness influencer who shares inspiration on leading a healthier life. Strolling through Mia’s Instagram is enough to motivate anyone to step up their yoga game. 

And when she’s not striking a (yoga) pose, she’s running her own sustainable jewelry line, Wellthy.

23. Ally Love (@allymisslove)

Peloton users are probably familiar with Ally Love. This spin instructor is a model, certified health coach, and host of the Brooklyn Nets. She’s also the founder of the fitness lifestyle brand Love Squad. 

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24.Danaé, Danya, and Danielle (@dzvegankidathletes

These three sisters prove that yoga is for everyone. They post their exceptional yoga accomplishments and inspire young Black girls and families to get into the practice.

25. J’zotta Rolle (@fitgirlbomb

J’zotta is a Miami-based trainer who teaches boxing and at-home strength classes. Her page is full of exercises that will challenge you mentally and physically. 

26.Traci Copeland (@traco4)

This Nike-certified master trainer shares her expertise with her followers. And she’s got expertise in quite a few areas — some of them include yoga, dance, running, and strength training. 

Traci Copeland

27. Nadia Murdock (@nadiamurdock)

Nadia’s approach to wellness focuses on the mind and body — which is why she incorporates meditation into all of her workouts. When she’s not posting virtual classes on her website, she’s recording episodes for her MNFIT Mind and Body podcast.

28. Lauren Leavell (@laurenleavellfitness)

Lauren is all about improving physical and financial fitness. Along with helping clients stay on top of their finances, she teaches a variety of barre and HIIT classes. 

29.Jess Perkins (@badtothebarre)

Personal trainer Jess Perkins offers an array of full-body workouts emphasizing pre and post-natal exercises. Her training includes an Exhale Barre Certification, AFFA, IDEA, and ACE dedications. In other words, she knows her stuff!

30. Chiara Luchetta (@chiluchetta)

Chiara is by far one of the most artsy fitness professionals on this list. Her dance training served as a catalyst for her work as a barre instructor. She’s also the co-founder of Purple Glow Mag — an online platform for artists to connect with one another.

Wrap Up

The health and wellness world has work to do in regard to inclusion. However, change can’t happen if we don’t shine a light on Black professionals. Of course, evolution doesn’t happen overnight, but we can start by discovering and empowering African Americans who are doing amazing work in the health and wellness space.

While hitting “follow” is great, we also encourage you to engage with their content — like, share, and save. You can even refer them to friends, family, and cohorts. 

Planning a fitness conference? Invite a Black influencer or professional to show their expertise. Take a class or sign up to a workshop they’re offering. 

But don’t just support Black voices during the Black History Month celebration. Instead, uplift their voices everyday and always.

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