Perkville is an all-in-one platform for referral and customer loyalty programs, enhancing customer engagement, retention, and social media presence.

Perkville is a comprehensive platform that offers all-in-one referral and customer loyalty programs. Designed to seamlessly integrate with point-of-sale systems, Perkville increases referrals, improves retention, and generates social media engagement for businesses. The platform allows businesses to create custom rewards in minutes, incentivizing customers for spending money, attending classes, referring friends, and posting on social media. Perkville's automated rewards and referral program ensures businesses can focus on their core operations while the platform manages the rewards program.

Perkville's unique approach to customer engagement and retention has led to significant growth for businesses across various industries. The platform's ability to track customer activities and automatically reward them enhances the customer experience and fosters loyalty. Perkville also encourages social media engagement, prompting customers to earn extra points for sharing their experiences on Twitter. With its robust features and automated functionality, Perkville is a valuable partner for businesses looking to increase revenue, improve customer retention, and enhance their social media presence.

Benefits and Features:

Automated Rewards and Referral Program

Perkville offers an automated rewards and referral program that integrates with your point of sale or scheduling system. This automation allows you to spend more time running your business and less time managing your rewards program, improving operational efficiency.

Customizable Rewards System

With Perkville, you can create custom rewards in minutes. You can reward your customers for spending money, taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media, and more. This flexibility allows you to tailor the rewards program to your business needs and customer preferences, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Increased Customer Retention

Perkville keeps your customers engaged by prompting them to refer friends and promote your business on social networks. This can lead to increased customer retention and more social media buzz about your business, driving growth and profitability.

Boosted Revenue through Social Referrals

Perkville allows you to create offers that your customers can send to their friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The platform tracks when their friends buy from you and automatically processes the referral reward, helping you generate new sales without significant acquisition spending.



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