Customer engagement software for actionable insights to improve client retention.

Listen360 is a leading customer engagement software used at over 20,000 business locations to survey, collect, and analyze customer engagement and feedback. It offers instant, actionable insights that empower businesses to make smarter decisions and improve various aspects of the customer experience. With features like real-time detractor alerts and nightly email summaries, Listen360 helps businesses respond quickly to customer needs, delighting them and winning their loyalty.

Rather than assessing loyalty after a single transaction, Listen360 takes a long-term approach, measuring customer sentiment over time to ensure consistent delivery of experiences that secure loyalty and profit. Easy to implement and use across various locations and organizational levels, Listen360 has delivered more than 28 million customer insights to over 40,000 businesses around the globe. By gathering insightful, actionable feedback, Listen360 helps businesses make their customer experience a competitive advantage, fostering lasting growth and profitability.

Features and Benefits:

Instant, Actionable Customer Feedback

Listen360 provides real-time insights to make smarter business decisions, helping you determine which aspects of your customer experience to improve for the biggest impact on your business.

Quick Response to Delight Customers

With real-time detractor alerts and nightly email summaries, Listen360 enables you to respond quickly, cultivating loyalty and personal recommendations from happy customers.

Achieve Lasting Growth and Profitability

Listen360 measures customer sentiment over time, ensuring consistent delivery of customer experiences that secure loyalty and profit for the long haul.

Easy Implementation Across Businesses

Used across 40,000+ businesses, the Listen360 platform is easy to implement at every location and level, having delivered more than 28 million customer insights globally.



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