A comprehensive online booking and management system for seamless business operations.

BookNow Software is a leading provider of an online booking, commerce, and operational management solution built on the world's best CRM. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that give business owners everything they need to run their operations seamlessly. From an intuitive online booking system to Salesforce CRM integration, BookNow is designed to enhance customer experience, streamline sales transactions, and manage memberships with ease.

What sets BookNow apart is its focus on providing a complete solution that integrates various aspects of business management. The EPOS system simplifies point-of-sale transactions, while the advanced reporting and analytics tools offer valuable insights into business performance. Additionally, the built-in marketing capabilities enable businesses to target and engage customers more effectively. Whether it's managing gift cards or food and beverage operations, BookNow offers a versatile platform that caters to various industries, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations.

Features and Benefits:

Online Booking System

BookNow offers an intuitive online booking system that simplifies scheduling and reservations, enhancing customer experience and efficiency.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Integrated with Salesforce CRM, BookNow provides a robust platform for managing customer relationships and driving sales growth.

EPOS and Memberships Management

With EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) and membership management features, BookNow streamlines sales transactions and member engagement.

Reporting, Analytics, and Built-in Marketing

BookNow's advanced reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights, while the built-in marketing capabilities help in targeting and engaging customers effectively.



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