Software for family entertainment centers, featuring self-service kiosks, kitchen management, and remote access capabilities

Active8 Software is a leading provider of cloud-based management software tailored specifically for family entertainment centers. Their innovative software suite includes features like self-service kiosks, kitchen management, and personalized setup and training. 

Active8's platform is designed to streamline operations, from ticket purchasing and assignments to event check-in, and even includes features like digital ticket scanning and facial recognition for account access. Additionally, their software includes a kitchen management system that helps manage food orders effectively.

Their system is 100% cloud-based, allowing for access to your center's data anywhere, anytime. You can manage employee schedules, check capacity, view sales, and generate reports from any WiFi-enabled device, including your mobile phone. Active8 also prioritizes customer service, with support available seven days a week to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Benefits and Features:

Recurring Memberships

Active8 Software supports recurring memberships, providing a steady stream of revenue for your business. This feature allows you to automatically charge your customers a set amount each month, simplifying the payment process and ensuring consistent income.

Multi-Location Management

Active8 Software allows you to manage multiple locations with a single login and password. This feature makes it easy to toggle between stores, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Fast and Easy Ticketing

Active8 Software's ticketing system is designed to make online and in-store ticket purchases fast and easy. This can improve the customer experience and increase ticket sales.

Simplified Party Booking

Active8 Software simplifies the process of booking parties and events. The software makes managing deposits, booking parties, and checking in guests as streamlined as possible, reducing the need to toggle between your point of sale and party booking platform.



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