How to Successfully Use Gleantap for Email Marketing

In the 40+ years since the first email marketing campaign was sent, technology and marketing have come a long way. Now it’s possible to target individuals with offers and promotions in ways that someone even 20 years ago could hardly dream of. In addition to that, using platforms like Gleantap for email marketing means you can almost fully automate your communications. 

But what benefits actually come from seamless communication and automation? After all, it’s one thing to say it’s better, it is another to actually prove it. 

Which is exactly why we are highlighting a Gleantap client in this success story to show you exactly what is possible with our platform. Our hope is that by reviewing what this client was able to achieve in a 90-day period will motivate you to take your own marketing to the next level. 


Altitude Trampoline Park is a nationwide franchise of trampoline parks that hosts parties and special events along with daily jump passes and memberships. Since beginning work with Gleantap in 2019, a large number of Altitude franchisees have seen tremendous success with their campaigns and marked improvements from previous email marketing efforts. 

Today, we’ll look at some of the top performers to see what they did to increase their ROI and start making a serious impact with Gleantap. 

Altitude Bossier City

Beginning March 1st of 2021 and ending May 31st of the same year, Altitude Bossier city was able to see a 300% increase in open rate from their previous campaigns. One of the main reasons for this was due to the consistency with which they were sending their campaigns, along with automated campaigns targeting customers for specific events like birthdays and holidays. 

Keep in mind, this isn’t a small operation. Bossier City sends to roughly 12,000 engaged customers via email. So for them to see such a dramatic increase in engagement points to their strategy for sending emails and the ability to maintain quality and deliverability though Gleantap. 

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Altitude Odessa

Speaking of automated campaigns, Altitude Odessa is a shining example of how using Gleantap for email marketing can not only improve engagement, but generate revenue. Beginning March of 2021 up to the present day, Odessa saw close to 500 birthday parties booked from just one campaign series 

By using the automation built into Gleantap, Odessa was able to target customers with birthdays coming up in order to send them timely offers for booking birthday parties. While not all of the people reached booked right away, by the second or third email, they were starting to think more seriously, leading to the most conversions after email #3. 

Our experience with Gleantap is positive! They are easy to work with and provide great support. With them, we have proven success in our marketing outreach campaigns initiatives. – Kristin, Altitude Trampoline Parks – Odessa, TX & West Jordan, UT

The best part? The whole campaign took less than an hour to set up. From there, the automation took care of the rest. Imagine what you could set up and automate! 

Altitude Gastonia

Something we recently added to Gleantap that has helped our customers keep an eye on their email domain reputation is the Email Reputation report. For example, Altitude Gastonia was doing fairly well, with an email reputation score of 6.5. However, after they saw that and decided to try and improve, they went up to a reputation score of 8. 

While this may not sound like a big jump, the more important number here is the average open-to-click ratio, which they were able to maintain over the 90 day period at 52%. If you ever run an email marketing campaign before, you know how revolutionary seeing more than half of your opens click the call to action in the email is for your bottom line. 

Again, this all boils down to consistency and automating when you can to make sure you aren’t missing opportunities to engage with your customers. 

Altitude Cityview

Finally, the last Altitude Trampoline Park we will look at is Altitude Cityview, which was able to maintain an average click-through rate of 35% over a 90 day period. That means that basically 3 out of every 10 customers are not only opening and engaging with their email campaigns, but taking the next step to visit the site and make a purchase. 

Considering that the industry average for click-through rates is closer to 3.5% than 35%, you can imagine what a difference that makes for your business. 

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As you can see, with planning and automation, Gleantap can be an excellent tool to take your email marketing to the next level. While this might seem like a rare instance, the truth is that every company we work for has the potential to see the same results as Altitude. 

Our hope is that you are encouraged to try new things to see what works and what doesn’t, along with using some of the ideas Altitude has proven to work to see results for yourself. 

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