FitMetrix: A Focus on Customer Experience

In an industry that has become oversaturated with digital marketing channels, increased competition, and a lack of customer loyalty, some businesses are looking to change the game with fantastic customer engagement and experiences. One such company is FitMetrix, which helps fitness clubs and wellness centers to focus on their customers and deliver an exceptional experience.

Even though FitMetrix has only been around since 2013, they have made a significant splash in the fitness industry. In this article, we are going to look at the FitMetrix story, along with how they have found success and why focusing on the customer experience is the best option for fitness clubs moving forward. Without further ado, let’s start at the beginning.

The FitMetrix story

Founded in 2013 by Monica Dioda and Josh Lloyd, FitMetrix began as a solution built around group training, but has evolved into something much bigger. By making strategic partnerships in the fitness industry, FitMetrix was able to add some key integrations early on that made it easy for fitness owners to get on board. However, unlike other platforms, FitMetrix decided to take the solution to the clubs.

Instead of hosting everything on their site, FitMetrix creates unique experiences for each of their clients, creating mobile apps and websites that focus on the customer. Along with that, members can track everything right through the app they create for their clients, meaning customers can do everything right within the club’s website or app. By focusing on making the customer experience painless and easy, FitMetrix helps fitness brands retain more customers.

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Activity monitoring

One of the key aspects of FitMetrix’s offering is that the fitness members can monitor their activity, both at the gym and in the comfort of their own homes. Then, from there, clients of FitMetrix have access to their user’s engagement metrics and can see where they are in their fitness journey and how best to serve them.

FitMetrix then encourages members to stay engaged through fitness competitions, global leaderboards, and more. They also allow their clients to send personalized messaging to help make it simple for their customers to interact with these fitness brands. All of this together creates a good experience for both FitMetrix’s clients as well as their customers.

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A data-driven approach

When you are fighting the uphill battle to reduce churn rate, a data-driven approach is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. FitMetrix has been able to make data a huge focus due to the fact that they are constantly taking in new data directly from the customers they are helping.

This should be a good lesson for other fitness owners hoping to improve both their customer engagement and retention. User engagement platforms can not only help keep your customers attention, but you can learn a great deal from analyzing how they engage with you. However, collecting the data is only part of the equation, you also need to actually use it to create a fantastic customer experience.

 User engagement

Creating a fantastic customer experience

In the same way that UI and UX designers must create a user interface that works specifically for their end-users, as marketers we must create customer experiences that line up with your audience’s values. This is why data is essential to customer retention and engagement. Unless you understand your audience, you will have a hard time serving them well.

However, once you do have that data, you can plan out a customer journey and continuously optimize it. As your customers change, so too will your experience design need to change. This is what FitMetrix understands and it is the reason they have become so successful.

The success of FitMetrix

Although they began only 5 years ago, it hasn’t taken FitMetrix long to find their value and place in the market. In fact, just a month ago they were acquired by MindBody and now have an even greater chance of reaching more customers to create great experiences. This acquisition shows what we here at Gleantap have known for some time: that customers are now less concerned with products and services, and more interested in customer experiences.

Other brands, not just in the fitness sector, should take note of this and take another look at their customer service teams and journey. Are you providing the best possible experience for your customers? How could you improve?


One of the ways FitMetrix was able to stand out from the crowd was with their smart integrations and partnerships with their platform. Even before their acquisition with Mindbody, they were working with them to offer a better customer experience to their clients. They also partnered with Perkville to enhance customer loyalty, another growing area in customer facing businesses.

Making the right partnerships early on can take your business to the next level. That is one of the reasons why Gleantap partners with top players in the fitness market, to make the experience simple and easy for our club owners.

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Revenue model

Due to the level of customization and personalization that FitMetrix provides their clients, they do not have a set revenue model for most of their services. That being said, this sort of model works well for companies that have a product that can be scaled based on the circumstances. For instance, you would not offer the same product to a large chain as you would that of a boutique club.

Final thoughts

There is an obvious push for better customer experiences both in the world of fitness and customer retention marketing, with the variable being “What are you going to do about it?” Although it can seem overwhelming to small business owners, there are options available to you for tackling this problem head on.

For example, SMS marketing connects you with your entire audience in seconds. A focus on customer engagement can help your customers find value in new ways. Each of these is within your reach and the effect it can have can be revolutionary. So, again, we ask: What are you going to do about it?

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