Retain More Customers.. effortlessly!

Gleantap lets you run automated sms & email campaigns at scale to engage customers and drive repeat purchases, referrals, reviews & more.

Engaging over 1.5 million members for brands such as

Grow your Park with Intelligent Marketing Automation

Gleantap partners with franchisors, franchisees and individually owned parks to offer a ready to go marketing platform that you can run all your email & text campaigns on auto-pilot. Driving repeat purchases and boosting customer loyalty can never get easier than this.

Drive Visits & Birthday Bookings

Increase birthday party bookings by automating sequence of campaigns that can go out 45 day out, 30 day out, 15 day out etc. Never miss out on anyone.

Get More Feedback, Reviews & Referrals

Enable customers to easily text back to your number with feedback or referrals. Use customer sentiments to drive them to social pages to leave reviews and boost your social profiles.

Win Back Old Customers

Bring back any customer that hasn’t visited you in X days. Create rules to auto-fire text or email messages to them with simple nudges or incentives to come back.

Convert Website Visitors to Leads

Embed our chat-to-text widget to your website to enable visitors to ask questions and leave their email / phone # for a response back. Use Gleantap to engage them through 1-on-1 messaging and nurture them with your campaigns.

Fully Integrated with

center edge

Rich Features

Everything you need to automate your customer engagement

Automated Campaigns

Real-time ongoing campaigns based on customer journey or behavior.

A/B Test Everything

Drive more conversions and clicks with a/b testing.

Business Intelligence

Powerful insights to your business that gives you a competitive edge.

Fully Managed Account

We’ll do all the work for you while you run your business.

White Glove Support

We offer you a white glove equivalent support to help you

  • Setup & Run Campaigns
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Test out Messaging & Offers
  • Monitor Results & Optimize

“Gleantap seamlessly integrates with our POS & Loyalty Software making it very easy for us to run powerful customer retention campaigns and reducing churn rate. They go out of their way to ensure we are happy with the solution.”

Adam Patrick

Director Customer Engagement at Planet Fitness

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