All-in-one Customer Engagement Platform

Engage your customers throughout their journey via automated sms & emails to drive conversions, repeat visits, referrals, reviews & lifetime value.

Engaging over 1.5 million members for brands such as

Powerful Text Marketing & Customer Retention Strategies for your Business

More than 95% of text messages are opened and read within five minutes of receipt. With our expertise in customer retention marketing, we can help you scale up your customer retention strategies and retain more customers.

Drive Visits & Build Loyalty

Drive positive behavior with motivation & appreciation. Engage members via sms, email or push notifications at the right time to increase check-ins and conversions.

Get More Referrals

Automate your referral programs with complete tracking. Incentivize members to refer a friend simply by texting their email address. Amplify the results and get 2X more referrals.

Avoid Drop-Offs

Members often fall back on their fitness goals. Bring them back with small nudges and moments to look forward to. Use advanced segmentation to reach the members who are not active enough.

Rich Features

Everything you need to automate your customer engagement

Automated Campaigns

Real-time ongoing campaigns based on customer journey or behavior.

A/B Test Everything

Drive more conversions and clicks with a/b testing.

Business Intelligence

Powerful insights to your business that gives you a competitive edge.

Fully Managed Account

We’ll do all the work for you while you run your business.

Stop Losing Members

Engaging your members at the right time with the right message helps retain them. We automate that for you.

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

Your existing customers love you. They spend 67% more than new ones.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profits by 75%.

“Gleantap seamlessly integrates with our POS & Loyalty Software making it very easy for us to run powerful customer retention campaigns and reducing churn rate. They go out of their way to ensure we are happy with the solution.”

Adam Patrick

Director Customer Engagement at Planet Fitness

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