Unlock More Revenue with an AI-driven Customer Data & Engagement Platform.

Gleantap helps you unlock your data to automate conversations that lead to better lead conversions, higher customer retention, increased customer delight and more revenue for your business. Businesses add on avg $158k per year in revenue per location.

Engaging 5 million+ customers for brands such as..

The Smartest Platform for your Sales, Marketing & Support Teams.

Your sales, marketing & support teams are all talking to the same customer. So, why have different tools? Get smarter and more efficient with one platform.

Meet your AI Agent – Your Best Performing Employee Ever.

Easily train your own AI Agent with sales, support & other data in a matter of few clicks. Enable your Agent to take over two-way conversations and convert 3x more leads and win customers for life.

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Your data has a lot to say. But you aren’t listening.

We give you actionable insights from your data loud and clear, so you never have to dig into a rabbit hole to find them. Drive exponential growth by making the right data-driven decisions.

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Turn every lead to customer and customer to fan with hyper-personalized targeting.

Use Gleantap’s laser-focused segmentation to target specific customers based on behavior and profile attributes. Send real-time messaging across your customers preferred channels and drive 2x more action.

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Meet your customers in their preferred channel of communication – Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google My Business.

Connect with customers in their preferred channel of communication. Bring in conversations from all channels into a single easy-to-use inbox and respond back 5x faster to leads and customers.

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Dozens of seamless integrations

The best software products play well with others. From data and metrics to marketing system and sales, we help you unify all your data to get a full overview of each and every customer.

+ many more

Proven Results


More Lead to Customer Conversions


Increase in CSAT Score


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

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