Boost Member Retention & Referrals through Text Messaging

In the world of fitness clubs and gyms, customer loyalty is the name of the game. Keeping loyal members at their location is the easiest way for gyms and fitness clubs to stay profitable and ahead of the game. One of the best ways to keep members around is by keeping them engaged, whether that be through a rewards program, mobile app, or tailored workout classes.

For many businesses, whether they are centered around fitness or not, loyalty is the lifeblood of their organization. However, customers today are less concerned with brand loyalty than they used to be. According to McKinsey Research, only 13% of customers are loyalists, who don’t shop around. Most are looking for the best price in town or additional features, with no thought as to who is making the offering.

This is why it’s all the more important to have a successful loyalty program. It’s important to be proactive in engaging your customers, exciting them with additional perks, reward points and making it fun with gamification.

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Power of text messaging

What may be seen as an unlikely source of increased loyalty to your brand, text messaging has been proven time and again as a powerful tool for both member retention and increasing member referrals.

Text messages have open rates of around 95% and are the best way to meet members where they are, which is on their phones. If you have the right positioning with your text messages, you can influence your members in a truly remarkable way.



Gleantap is a text messaging and customer engagement platform that has partnered with Perkville to help local businesses boost member retention and referrals using the power of SMS. You can now automate your customer success campaigns at scale through text messages.

Gleantap + Perkville is like loyalty on steroids. It combines the might of Perkville’s rewards program with Gleantap’s automation to get powerful messaging directly into the hands of consumers. Gleantap also creates insightful reports to show business impact through your loyalty campaigns.

How does it work?

One brand that has benefited from this partnership already is Planet Fitness’s franchise United PF that has recently implemented Gleantap and Perkville’s platform across their 67 clubs to increase member retention and referrals. They are already seeing some early wins with this roll out.

United PF has opted to display the texting instructions for their loyalty campaigns on TV screens that they have at each club. Below are some details of this implementation –

Reward  Text points  Text refer

Increase Reward Sign Ups
To increase Perkville sign ups, gleantap has made it very easy for members to sign up for the rewards program. PF Members can sign up for Planet Rewards by texting REWARDS to 635-65.

Increase Adoption
To increase adoption of perkville, gleantap has made it easy for members to access their points and get a link to redeem their points. United PF members can access their reward points by texting POINTS to 635-65. By making things as simple as sending a text, you are putting the ball in your member’s court, so to speak, making it easy and completely painless to get involved in the program.

Increase Referrals
Referrals are powerful and drive up your revenue & growth easily. With Gleantap & Perkville integration, we make it simple & luring for your members to refer their friends. Displaying REFER instructions along with the reward points, can have a great impact on boosting referrals.

Integration with your mobile app

Gleantap also integrates seamlessly with your mobile app letting you run your loyalty & customer success campaigns through push notifications. It opens another communication channel with your customers.

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Whether these push notifications simply remind them of an upcoming workout class they have signed up for or rope in lost sheep that might be on the verge of cancelling their membership, integrating Gleantap with your mobile app only furthers the extent of your member retention and loyalty programs.

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