For many fitness clubs and wellness centers, customer retention is one of their biggest opportunities for growth. In order to be successful, clubs need to engage their customers, prove their value, and deliver on their promises.

In an industry with a high churn rate, Gleantap helps you connect with every member of your club in an intimate and personalized way by sending push notifications, emails, and text messages throughout every step of their journey.

Gleantap has something to offer every fitness club and wellness center – big and small.

Boost Loyalty with Motivation

When it comes to fitness and wellness, motivation is the name of the game. Every club is well aware of the rush of customers that come in around the new year, but how can you keep your members engaged months after the holidays? Sending motivational messages through push notifications and text messages can be just the push your members need to make the trip to your fitness club. You can also send out special offers or congratulatory deals to keep them excited about working out.

Keep those endorphins high even when members are away from the gym with Gleantap.

Personalize their Experience

For many people, their health and wellness goals are incredibly personal. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they enjoy doing at the gym. Introducing the right programming to the right customer at the right time is crucial when engaging your customers. Gleantap helps you understand what your customers are doing and deliver personalized messages to them. Rolling out programming will be easier than ever before as you connect with your members every second of the day.

Connect members to their favorite programming with the touch of a button using Gleantap.

Keep them Coming Back

Fitness club members get excited when they see progress. Keeping track of customer analytics is crucial not only for your members, but for your business. Gleantap’s analytics tools make it easy for you to identify members who are about to churn and focus in on trends in your membership. These tools will allow you to engage your members when it’s most important. If a member hasn’t come to the gym in two weeks, send them an email with a coupon for a free smoothie at your cafe. That might be just enough to get them in the door, and keep them a happy, paying customer.

Discover what makes your members happy and deliver value to them with Gleantap.

Increase Revenue with Referrals

Everyone knows that working out is better with friend. Your customers want to share their workout experiences with their network. Referrals are a great way to help your customers share their passion for your business, while also growing your customer base. Let your customers share the love by asking them to refer a friend.

Send out a text message to members offering rewards & points for referring a friend.