National Technology Day – History, Significance, and How to Celebrate?

Technology is an integral part of our lives. If you are scrolling through the internet and reading this article, it’s all thanks to the advancements in technology. National Technology Day is annually celebrated on January 06 in the United States to commemorate the impacts technology has and will have in our lives.

The scope of technology is consistently improving and evolving, paving the way for further growth and development of every aspect of our lives. Ever since the invention of the wheel, humans have done nothing but test their boundaries and outdone them.

While we could have never thought about flying a century back, the advent of technology now allows us to automate our lives. Push everything aside, the invention of smartphones has revolutionized our present and will do so in the future.

This article will walk you through the importance of National Technology Day, the kind of history it holds, and the significance of this day too.

What is National Technology Day?

National Technology Day is celebrated as an unofficial holiday on January 06 every year in the United States.

The day was officially declared and announced by AXEL, a technology-based company. They are headquartered in Las Vegas.

The primary objective behind celebrating National Technology Day is to commemorate the impacts technology has left in our lives. It further emphasizes and glorifies the contributions made by leading scientists and researchers to transform our lives with technology in every living and breathing aspect of our lives.

Why is National Technology Day celebrated?

The concept of National Technology Day isn’t just localized to the United States. In India, the day is celebrated on May 22 annually to celebrate the growth, prosperity, and diversity of technology and its impacts on our day-to-day lives.

In the United States, the initiation of National Technology Day was done by AXEL to celebrate the small and big wins in technology. The day emphasizes the importance of technology and how it has transformed our lives for the better.

The origin of technology is as old as humanity. Thanks to science and its applications, what started as basic machinery using the available resources has transformed and evolved beyond our imagination.

To think that technology was built and implemented daily is a complete lie. Instead, it spans over centuries and will keep growing similarly in the future.

Delegating one day to celebrate the progress of technology was an amazing move by Axel. Since technology has webbed itself into our lives, helping us in every part, it is a given that we celebrate its significance one day a year.

Besides popularizing technology, National Technology Day is also celebrated to remember the leading contributors to this revolution. Ever since the invention of the Wheel, humans have evolved and transpired with their innovations, and this day celebrates that uniqueness.

Every technological invention we have today was born from one person or a group of people’s ideologies. However, the execution requires all hands on deck, and this national day celebrates every person who has in some way contributed to the transformations involving technology in our lives.

National Technology Day

Trivia and Facts on and about the National Technology Day

Before we discuss with you some constructive ideas to celebrate National Technology Day, let us discuss some quick facts about this day that you probably didn’t know about:

  • National Technology Day is not just celebrated in the United States. It is celebrated in India on May 22 every year as well.
  • Around 570+ websites are registered and launched every minute.
  • Users could register for free domains until 1995.
  • The mouse we use today was termed an X-Y indicator back in the initial days.
  • The advent of email was before the development and introduction of the internet.
  • Robots are derived from the Czech Republic language, which means Forced Labor.
  • The internet reached millions of people globally in under four years. It took the Radio 38 years to have that popularity and outreach.
  • We spend around ten years of our lives watching television, shows, etc.
  • There are people afraid of technology. The phobia is known as Technophobia.

These are a handful of the bizarre and understate technology day and technology-related trivia that you definitely should know about.

How can One Celebrate National Technology Day?

Every day that you get to fly to another country, hop on a Facetime call and warm up your home during winters, you should be thankful for how much technology has simplified lives.

National Technology Day is celebrated to commemorate these individual achievements that humankind has managed to achieve and unfurl over decades and centuries.

If you are a business head or a tech geek reading this piece from your home, we have some fun and interesting activities lined up to help you celebrate National Technology Day in the United States.

Update yourself About the Latest Technologies

Our lives in the 90s have drastically changed now that we are in 2022. Even with a mere three decades difference, humans have managed to streamline communication, introduce artificial intelligence, and a lot more than we are not even aware of.

Take this day to familiarize yourself with these new and upcoming technologies that will soon transform our futures.

Even if you aren’t actively into technology and how they work, we’d recommend that you take this one day to keep yourself updated about what’s to come.

Unfurl the History of Technology

Life since the advent of technology has grown and evolved. While our ancestors could only dream about flying high in the sky, people now do it for fun and traveling.

The history of technology is not just fascinating, but it lets you understand how big brains came together to give us what we use now. Even with limited resources, scientific understanding, and lacking equipment, our researchers and scientists managed to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow that we are living in.

As you celebrate National Technology Day, walk down the history of technology that dates back to the invention of the wheel. And, humankind has not looked back since.

Educate your Customers about this Day

Since National Technology Day is not celebrated worldwide as a unified holiday, not many citizens in the United States are aware of this day’s significance. So, why not leverage this day to impart some knowledge?

If you are a business that heavily relies on technology, shares those insights with your customers. Give them a peek into the behind the scenes and how technology sways your business decisions every step of the way.

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Host an Exclusive Event (and offer Discounts)

Special days like National Technology Day are an amazing way to celebrate big wins in certain fields, in this case – Technology.

One amazing way to celebrate this day is by hosting an exclusive event with limited period discount offers to bring new customers to your business.

You can leverage different marketing automation tools or host direct conversations with potential and existing customers to inform them about the big day. Tagging a good deal on a special day helps with improved conversion rates and better return on investment. It sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

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Introduce Better Technological Reforms to your Business

Despite the impacts of the pandemic, people are now more comfortable doing things from the comfort of their homes. So, it is not even a question that the dependency on technology has amplified exponentially. This is where you need to step up your business models too.

In this fast-paced digital world, the last thing you want is to stray away from your competitors.

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Share the Love on Social Media

Social media is hands down one of the biggest assets of technology. Not only has it streamlined user experience and communication, but it has also now become an integral part of businesses’ marketing schemes and their profit models.

Since the concept of National Technology Day is so less known, why not diversify its outreach?

Share about the day, the biggest contributors, and as a business, you can plug in your services with an exclusive offer for the target audience.

This way, you are not just providing wisdom to your target audience; you are positively pushing them to pursue your products and services too. These subtle ways of marketing are proven to show better results than the traditional marketing approaches.

How is Gleantap Tapping Into the Advancements in Technology?

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As we close this blog, we’d like to commemorate every big and small scientist, researcher, and educationist who has spent their time, efforts, and money transforming technology and bringing it to what it is today. Technology has proven to be one of the biggest boons that humankind has experienced, and we are sure the same will transform the future as well.