Customer Retention Strategy

How to Build Your Customer Retention Strategy in 4 Steps

Building relationships with your customer is the key to an incredible customer retention strategy.

customer retention

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Customer Retention Techniques

Customer retention needs to be a key part of your marketing strategy. How are you ensuring that your customers are happy with your service?

User engagement platforms

Customer Engagement Platform: 7 Things Your Boss Wants To Know

A user engagement platform could be the key to meeting your customer retention goals.

Customer Retention Techniques

Customer Retention Techniques: Content Marketing is Key

A good customer retention strategy is all about building a relationship with your customer and constantly delivering value. How can content marketing play a major role in your customer retention plan?

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing Helps These 6 Retailers Are Drive Millions In Sales

How can proximity marketing help you grow your business? Learn from 6 retailers that were able to be successful with proximity marketing.

Customer retention marketing

Reduce Churn Rate in 7 Easy Steps Now

Reducing churn rate is crucial if you want to focus on customer retention rather than acquisition. Check out our 7 strategies to reduce your company's churn rate today!

Gym Membership- Customer retention

How to Increase Gym Membership in 4 Easy Steps

The fitness and health club industry is worth 21.8 billion dollars, but 67% of gym members don't even use their membership. How can you increase gym membership and retain your current customers?

customer retention

Customer Retention Marketing- 12 EASY Customer Retention Strategies

Investing in your customers is one of the most valuable things you can do, learn how to protect your investment with customer retention marketing.

mobile app analysis

Mobile App Analytics and You: 3 Keys to Success

Mobile app analytics will help you learn your customer better than ever, but how you use them is what counts. Learn our 3 keys to success.


10 Customer Retention and Loyalty Techniques for Mobile Apps

Customer retention and loyalty techniques are abundant, but you need to make sure yours work to keep your customers happy. Read more to learn how.