7 Habits of Highly Effective Fitness Clubs and Studios

Customer retention has always been a sore spot for gyms and fitness centers that are wanting to continuously draw in new members while also encouraging current members to come back.

This Ebook is designed to look into seven key habits of gym and studio owners that lead some to flourish and others to flounder. Considering the fitness industry average is a 40% churn rate, many gyms lose up to half their customers over the course of a year. So don’t wait until your churn rate rises — apply these seven actionable items to your daily routine and see the impact to your bottom line.

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Why Gleantap?

Gleantap seamlessly integrates with your club management system and gathers member data and past behavior in real time.
Use our platform to analyze member data and send automated messaging when you need to.


Ai-Driven Behavior Prediction

AI-Driven behavior prediction


Automate Member Engagement

Automate member engagement


Monitor, Engage, & Drive Results

Monitor, engage, & drive results

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Bevan Cox (Retro Fitness Franchise)