Demographic and Behavioral Data Gathering

Build actionable profiles on each member

From day one, Gleantap will begin gathering demographic and behavioral data on each member from your management system.  But we go further by selectively polling members on how they feel about their experience with your club and their fitness journey.  How a member feels is the greatest leading indicator of future success or failure and a critical addition to the data we gather from your management system.

Leverage the power of AI

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data we receive from your management system and our polling, and then calculate the probability of that member returning, needing some love, churning, upgrading, or referring a friend.  Our algorithms are based on data from hundreds of clubs and thousands of members, so our engine’s not only really smart, but constantly learning and improving. Whenever a high probability for a specific future behavior is identified, that member’s profile is immediately updated.

Artificial Intelligence

Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Automation Engine

Gleantap’s automation engine is able to take action based on data from your management system, our member polling and AI predictions on future behavior.  Every minute of every day our automation engine looks for specific triggers and launches targeted outbound campaigns to say just the right thing. Don’t worry, you have complete control over what may trigger a campaign and what exactly the campaign does.

Campaigns can include outbound messages via email, text or Facebook Messenger.  They can also communicate internally so employees are always up to speed. And while we love automated messages, we really love a friendly phone call.  This is why our campaigns can include tasks for club personnel to call members directly. Based on your internal resources, you determine the right balance of automated messages and employee outreach. 

Monitor Engagement & Drive Results

As Gleantap gathers data and outbound campaigns are triggered, you’ll be able to see how your members are engaging with your messages in real-time.  You’ll see which campaigns are working and which need some tweaking. You’ll have the data you need to make intelligent decisions that ultimately result in retaining more members and driving more revenue.

Monitor Engagement