Flexible, Scalable Facility Management Software Built For The Entertainment Industry

CenterEdge Software is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions tailored to the amusement industry. Their fully configurable platform allows owners and managers to oversee all operations from a centralized hub, encompassing everything from POS systems to employee management. Whether it's expanding a food and beverage operation or transforming into a franchise, CenterEdge delivers scalable solutions that are designed to enhance the guest experience and foster a happy, thriving frontline team​.

For nearly two decades, CenterEdge has been synonymous with innovation and personal relationships that ensure the safe handling of every dollar and guest. Their software solutions encompass a wide range of functionalities including ticketing, memberships, event booking, guest analytics, food and beverage management, employee management, cashless operations, and access control. The company's commitment to accelerating check-in procedures, minimizing legal exposure, and simplifying retention compliance and record-keeping has made it a go-to choice for businesses looking to level up their operations​.

Benefits and Features:

Designed for the entertainment and amusement industry based on industry expertiseFeature-rich solution that is customizable to meet a variety of needs | System becomes the one source of truth for all the revenue in a facility | Native integrations with the rest of CenterEdge Solutions

CenterEdge's modern, user-friendly e-commerce tools allow you to sell tickets, memberships, and packages online, providing a seamless customer buying journey that can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Optimized Event and Party Booking

CenterEdge makes group events and birthday parties a breeze with fully integrated group, reservation, and party booking solutions. This ensures an enjoyable experience for the guest and that no deposit is ever missed.

Actionable Business Intelligence

With dozens of pre-built reports and the ability to create your own, CenterEdge puts actionable guest analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to work for you, enhancing your marketing decisions and outcomes.

Employee Management and Security

Optimize frontline productivity with integrated time clock, payroll management, granular permissions, and comprehensive security tools. This allows you to always know what’s going on in your business and who’s doing it.



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