Use Cases

Fitness Clubs

For many fitness clubs and wellness centers, customer retention is one of their biggest opportunities for growth.

Restaurants & Hotels

Stay connected with your customers even when you are not hosting them. Build a relationship with your guests.


More consumers than ever before are deciding to shop online. Build an immersive shopping experience for every customer.

Retail Stores

Drive footfall to your stores, boost loyalty and increase sales by engaging your customers through text and push campaigns.

Salon & Spa

People love to be pampered. Connect with them with personalized engagement campaigns and drive growth & revenue.

Auto Service Dealerships

Increase brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back with a well laid out customer engagement campaign.

Other Use Cases

Welcome Notification

Greet your users when they login for the first time and show them you care.

Seasonal Discounts

Run campaigns to offer seasonal discounts & coupon codes and drive up sales.

Incentives on Repeat Purchase

Increase loyalty and repeat purchases by auto sending your users coupons for their next order.

Announcements / New Features

Send out announcements to user groups or notify everyone of new features available in the update.

Request Feedback

Drive up positive sentiments by requesting feedback from your users who are slipping away.

Location based Event Invites

Send out push event invites to people within a specific city, state or country.

Drive footfall to your Stores

Use geo-fencing and beacons to drive in footfall to your retail stores. Proximity marketing.

Rewards on Loyalty

Track usage, purchases, visits etc and reward your users with loyalty points.