People love to be pampered. Salons and spas offer a convenient, yet luxurious experience for their customers. In order to provide a unique escape, salons need personalized customer service solutions that allow them to make every person feel special.

Gleantap allows salons and spas to connect to each customer and help them elevate their luxury experience.

Auto-Reminders to Schedule Appointments

Salons and spas allow their customers to engage in relaxing and indulgent routines. Many customers schedule appointments every few days, weeks, or months. Gleantap makes it easy to send out scheduling reminders through email, push notifications, or text messages so your clients will never forget to schedule an upcoming appointment.

Keep your services constantly booked with easy reminder notifications sent to your clients through Gleantap.

Promote Deals & Offers

Salons and spas sometimes have trouble keeping their schedules booked because their services can be seen as a luxury. Continue to treat your customers (and your bottom line) by delivering special deals and discounts to your customers doing slow business times. Don't get a lot of Monday morning appointments? Send out a push notification for a discounted pedicure on Monday mornings. This will keep your schedule booked while also giving your customers some special offers.

Go above and beyond to treat your customers using Gleantap.

Personalize their Experience

Spas and salons are constantly expanding their offerings to suit their customers’ needs. Use Gleantap’s customer analytics tools to see which services your customers are using the most and personalize your notifications to connect your customers to services you know they'll love.

Keep your customers happy and excited about your new services with personalized notifications.

Receive Customer Feedback

Salons and spas pride themselves on one thing: always putting the customer first. Let your customer feel valued and heard by asking them for real-time feedback of your services. Did they just have an appointment with you? Send them a follow-up survey via email asking them for their thoughts on their visit. Collecting feedback will help you improve your services while giving them an outlet to communicate with you.

Constant customer feedback through Gleantap creates a dialogue that will make your customers feel valued.

Drive Referrals with Incentives

When your customers love your business, they want to share their passion with the world. Help them enjoy your services with their network by offering them deals and perks when they refer a friend to your spa or salon. Sending a push notification offering them a discounted manicure for their next visit if they bring a friend along is a great way to keep your loyal customers happy and to increase your customer base.

Grow your business while also pampering your most loyal customers with Gleantap.