In retail, customer service is one of the core competencies of any company. Technology helps you provide more personal and timely customer service, so that your customers stay engaged and loyal. Gleantap helps you provide customized customer service through customer analytics, push notifications, email, and SMS.

Drive More Sales with Personalization

Right when your customers enter your store, send them a welcome notification with some updates. Any big sales going on? Notify them immediately, so they're ready to shop and even more ready to buy.

Customers will stay engaged and shopping with special welcome deals and notifications.

Update Your Customers on New Arrivals

In fashion, it's all about the newest styles and latest trends. Your customers will be excited to hear about your new arrivals. Did you just get in your new summer line? Send an email to your customers (and maybe a special discount) to let them know to visit your store to try on your new items. Fashion is all about the now and so is your business.

Customers want to know when new fashion arrives and now you can keep them updated with Gleantap.

Boost Customer Loyalty with Text

Many retail stores have loyalty programs that keep track of points and purchases for their best members. Using Gleantap, keep your members up-to-date on their loyalty program status. After a big purchase, send a push notification to your customer that lets them know how many points they earned.

Customers love earning rewards from their favorite stores using Gleantap.

Increase Foot Traffic to your Store

With online shopping increasing in popularity, it can be hard to get customers in your store. Make sure you're capturing your customer's attention when they're close. Using Gleantap, you can be sure to keep them engaged with your brand - especially when they are in the vicinity. Did they come within a few hundred feet of your store? Send them a push notification offering them a discount when they shop with you, but only if they redeem it within the next hour. This will keep customers coming in to see what you have to offer.

Proximity Marketing is a great way to drive in foot traffic.