With the plethora of booking apps that are now on the market, consumers expect to be able to manage all of their plans and reservations right from their devices. Restaurants and hotels are now expected to go above and beyond to communicate with their guests to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Gleantap allows you to stay connected with your customer even when you’re not hosting them. This allows you to build a relationship with your guest or diner like never before to provide superior customer service.

Welcome Your Guests

Provide customer service like never before and create a welcoming environment that will keep your guests coming back for more. As soon as your guest walks into your hotel or restaurant, send them a welcome text. Nothing says customer service like greeting your customer and telling them you're excited they're staying with you.

Gleantap helps you put a smile on your customer’s face by serving as the ultimate customer service tool.

Incentivize Repeat Purchases

People love eating out at exquisite restaurants and staying at exotic places in order to have an extraordinary experience they couldn't get at home. Enhance their experience by sending them offers that you know they'll love. Have a new seasonal item on the menu? Send your customers a push notification announcing its arrival. They're sure to be just as excited as you are.

Connect your customer to the best experience you have to offer with Gleantap.

Automated Reminders

Making reservations and coordinating travel can be stressful. Dining at your restaurant or staying at your hotel should be as stress-free as possible for your guests. Remind them of their reservation or booking with an automated text using Gleantap. This will ease their mind and help you organize your business.

Automate reminders at scale using Gleantap and keep your customers on top of things.

Collect Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer service, it’s easy to say the customer is always right. But, how do you practice this mantra in your business? It’s all about customer feedback. Collecting it, and implementing it, so that your customer is even more thrilled with their next experience or interaction with your business. With Gleantap, you can collect customer feedback quicker and easier than ever before by sending them a survey or asking for feedback via email, text, or push notification.

Collecting customer feedback with Gleantap helps you connect with your customers like never before.