Targeted Push Campaigns

Send personalized push campaigns targeted to specific group of users. Target users based on attributes, behavior and more.

In-App Notifications

Provide a great user experience with contextual rich in-app notifications and boost your app engagement. Reach everyone including opt-out users.

App Analytics

Measure daily sessions, installs, open rates and more. Track how your campaigns are performing and continuously optimize.

Automated Push Campaigns

Automate your push campaigns at scale and forget it. Engage users through relevant messages throughout their journey.

Rich Push Notifications

Go beyond text in your push notifications by embedding images and rich media for better open and click through rates.


Personalize messages to make it more relevant to users. Use variable tags within messages to substitute for user attributes.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment your users based on demographic, attributes, events and more. Combine multiple conditions to create advanced segments.

Geo-location & Proximity

Target users based on their geo-location or proximity. Send them offers, discounts or welcome messages when entering or exiting.

Rich User Profiles

Track user data and attributes across multiple devices. Create rich user profiles with activity feed for each user.