Text Messaging Marketing

Engage your customers with powerful contextual SMS Campaigns. Boost engagement, loyalty and conversions with the right text marketing strategy.

  • Auto Text Campaigns
  • Multiple Inbound Keywords
  • Link Tracking
  • Segmentation & Targeting
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Smart Analytics

Get deep insights to your customers and business. Measure everything and make better decisions with smart analytics.

  • Campaign Reporting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Retention Cohort Analysis
  • Churn Predictions
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Simple segmentation tools to group users based on attributes & actions. Powerful campaigns targeting each user group to drive maximum engagement.

Rich User Profiles

Learn more about your users by tracking demographic data, contact information, app interactions and more.

Unified Profiles

Track users across multiple devices and get a single clear view of their profiles. Eliminate redundancy and double counts for multiple device usage.


Tie user data, acquisition channels, source etc to profiles. Attribute campaign effectiveness and conversions to specific user attributes.


Tag users with labels and types to identify, measure and engage them. Create smart segments based on tags.


Track user actions such as App Launched, In-App Purchase, Subscribed etc  to create or trigger targeted campaigns.

Automated Campaigns

Run completely automated text and email campaigns based on user behaviour and action. Use demographic and other user data to personalize campaigns.

Fully managed account

Specify your objectives and use our full service account manager to set-up and run campaigns for you. Now you can focus on running your business without worrying about the tools you use

Track all customer signals for better marketing & business decisions

Track customer data and activity. Identify what attributes or behavior drive more value. Get predictive insights on which users are likely to drop off.


Personalize campaigns with customer segmentation

Segment your customers based on demographic, behavior and other profile attributes. Create personalized targeted campaigns for maximum engagement.