More consumers than ever before are deciding to shop online. While many consumers are opting for a digital shopping experience, shoppers are still expecting the same level of customer service they would receive from visiting a brick-and-mortar retail location. This means that customers have high expectations when it comes to building relationships with eCommerce companies.

Creating multiple customer touch points using text messages, push notifications, and email will ensure that you are making your customer feel valued. Gleantap helps you build an immersive shopping experience for every customer.

Personalize Deals to Drive Sales

Everybody loves a good deal. The right offer at the right time can be the difference between a purchase and procrastination. Notice your customer visiting a specific product multiple times? Send them an offer to close the deal. Emailing your customer a coupon for 10% off the shoes she can’t stop looking at will not only help you win a sale, but it will also help create a lifelong customer.

Close the sale with the perfect deal delivered right to their personal devices using Gleantap.

Track Orders and Deliveries

When ordering online, shoppers are obsessed with knowing the status of their package. Consistent communication with your customers after they have placed an order is crucial in order to build trust. Increase transparency and give your customers live updates by sending them text messages, so they can track their order throughout its entire journey.

Build trust by keeping them updated throughout the entire process.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

We’ve all done it - filled our online shopping cart with all of our favorite items only to get distracted and fail to purchase. Remind your customer about their abandoned cart by sending them personalized push notifications that pop up right on their phone. Entice them by reminding them of their favorite items and help them check out in a quick and seamless fashion.

Ensure your customer is making the purchases they love using Gleantap.