Auto Service Dealerships

Drive customer engagement

Automotive service providers are always looking for ways to connect with their customers and getting them back in the shop for services. Gleantap can help you provide incredible customer service and keep customers loyal to your brand.

Check-in to Get a Check-Up

Keep your customers up-to-date with the health of their cars by sending them push notifications reminders to bring their car in for a check-up. This will help them keep their cars healthy and will help you keep your customers engaged.

Gleantap helps you send scheduled reminders to keep your customers coming back.

Constant and Convenient Communication

Let your customers know when you’re done servicing their car by sending them a quick text message. This will help them stay updated on the status of your service and will aid you in getting cars back to their owners faster.

Communicate effectively and quickly with your customers using Gleantap.

Cross-Sell to Your Customers

Once you’re servicing a customer’s car, you might realize their car might need other services completed. Quickly communicate with your customer through text message, push notifications, or email to provide a full service experience for them. Adding on another service while the car is still in the shop is easier than ever.

Improve your sales and satisfy your customers through Gleantap.

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